Fedor Bondarchuk: “Paulina is one of those women, of which the afternoon with fire not to find!”

Федор Бондарчук: «Паулина из тех женщин, которых днем с огнем не сыскать!»
The Director and his bride Paulina Andreeva gave the first joint interview.

Paulina Andreeva and Fedor Bondarchuk

Photo: L’officiel

gorgeous, and that’s it!” said more than a year ago, Fedor Bondarchuk, commenting on
participation Paulina Andreeva in his program “Cinema in details”. Today details
finally, not only in the movies. The Director and actress gave their first joint
interview where he openly talked about his novel. It was published in the magazine L’officiel,
headed by an old friend Bondarchuk, Ksenia Sobchak.

told that the first time he saw Pauline in the performance “№13D”, where he
invited Igor Vernik. The Director was very impressed not only from
games Andreeva, but from herself. “Paulina on stage, they combine beauty,
Comedy and space velocity. In General, in my opinion, she has a rare
theatrical texture” — said Bondarchuk.

the words of the novel, Paulina refers to those women whom the afternoon with fire not
find. “About these girls in the novels he wrote. Not our century. Dignity,
integrity, honesty — they do not
empty words. Poly have to ask, what books she grew up. And we
laughing with her all the time.”

lovers have commented on their first joint release: it happened in
last June at the festival “Kinotavr”.

didn’t want to live in gossip, speculation and gossip, so we decided adequately
to show that we are a couple, — says Bondarchuk. — We do not count, what will
dressed, will or will not hold the hand, as we look at each other,
us was the important fact first time working together”.

the period when all around them spun the whole world, Andreeva were not
the most pleasant memories.

“I instantly turned out to be mediocre
the actress revealed that I have many physical flaws: all jump
stirred form my ears, for example, psychics online began
to predict the future, grandmother fortune tellers, astrologers, palmists, mystics of all
varieties – no one left behind”, —
Paulina said, noting that started “the madness”.

Bondarchuk and Andreev admitted that they are very
busy people, so see each other rarely. “Our life for the last six months looks
so: we talk on the phone and trying to figure out how tonight
free time to spend it together: an hour and a half”.