Федор Бондарчук отдыхает вместе с невестой и семьей сына Apparently, the family of the famous Director was reconciliation. The son of Fyodor, Sergei, and his wife took Paulina Andreev. Together they went on holiday to Spain. The company Bondarchuk and Paulina Andreeva is Gluk’oza.

      Федор Бондарчук отдыхает вместе с невестой и семьей сына

      49-year-old Director Fyodor Bondarchuk went on vacation together with bride-to-be 27-year-old actress Paulina Andreeva. Company star pair made up the son of Fyodor, Sergei, and his wife Tata Mamiashvili, and the singer Gluk’oza. Friendly company bathing and sunbathing in luxurious Spanish beaches in the resort town of Marbella.

      The photographs from the trip abroad that Tata Mamiashvili and Gluk’oza share on social networks, you can see a real idyll. Here, for example, Sergei Bondarchuk shoots his wife and famous singer in the pool. Both women look satisfied and happy. The other picture Glyuk оZa walking the streets of Marbella with Paulina Andreeva. The third photo shows Sergei and Fedor Bondarchuk laughing at something.

      Федор Бондарчук отдыхает вместе с невестой и семьей сына

      Apparently, the family Bondarchuk came the reconciliation. Heir Director took his beloved. Earlier, the Russian businessman Sergei said that the young man was very upset by the divorce of his parents. At first he didn’t even take a new beloved father and tried to set him an ultimatum, say, or a happy life with Pauline, or speaking with her granddaughter and family of Sergei. Fyodor as he could, tried to smooth over the situation and actually lived in two houses, spending time with family, with Andreeva. Neighbors family nest of Bondarchuk said that quite often you see a famous Director.

      Previously, Paulina Andreeva introduced by Fyodor Bondarchuk with his family. The Director and his lover went to St. Petersburg, where had a wonderful time with your younger brothers and sisters. 21-year-old Harry and 16-year-old Boris easily found a common language with the elect sister. They also shared in social networks photo with the famous Director.

      Paulina Andreeva presented by Fyodor Bondarchuk family

      As for the wedding of Theodore and Paulina, her date lovers yet do not advertise. This is unlikely to happen in the near future, because celebrities would like to see a noise that rose around them, verse. This “StarHit” said the Director Andreeva Olga Loginova.

      According to friends of Fedora, a new love literally changed his life. The Director and actress all seriously. Bondarchuk not only lost weight, but literally glows and is full of energy. Fyodor Bondarchuk was forced to lose weight for the wedding

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