Fedor Bondarchuk celebrates birthday

Федор Бондарчук отмечает день рождения
Fans are wondering who will celebrate the famous Director its 49th anniversary.

Федор Бондарчук отмечает день рождения

Svetlana and Fedor Bondarchuk with his daughter Barbara

Photo: Instagram

Today Fyodor Bondarchuk
celebrates his birthday. Famous film Director turned 49 years old. For
back Fedor more than 10 captured 60 films and played diverse roles in
movie. Multiple nominee and winner of the national movie awards “Golden
Eagle”, winner of the TEFI award and statuette for NICK.

In his personal life
Bondarchuk, until recently, too, everything was stable. Married to
Svetlana and Fedor raised two great children — a son Sergei and a daughter Barbara.
Moreover, the Director managed to establish itself as exemplary and grandpa. It
adores his two granddaughters — Margaret and Faith, which holds its
free time.

However, in March this
year it became known that Svetlana and Fedor Bondarchuk divorce after 25 years
joint life. “With love and gratitude to each other for living together
years, still remaining close friends, maintaining mutual respect and
love for our families, we, Fedor and Svetlana Bondarchuk, reported: we took
the decision to divorce. The time we spent together was great, however
today we went our separate ways – this fact does not have any conflict, offense
or contradictions. We are no longer a couple but remain friends,” said

Paulina Andreeva

Photo: @paulina_andreeva_official_page Instagram Paulina Andreeva

After it became known about a romantic relationship of Theodore and 27-year-old actress Paulina Andreeva. Novel of the star series “Method”, “Locusts” and “Thaw” with Bondarchuk started in the fall of 2015, but the feelings of Theodore and Paulina was known only in the immediate environment of the pair. A little later came the information that the Director and the actress planning to play soon a wedding, but the exact date of celebration is not yet assigned.

Now Fedor fans are wondering with whom he will spend his birthday. In previous years Bondarchuk always celebrated the holiday with family. And, by the way, recently, already after the announcement of the divorce, the former spouses reunited at the birthday of his 17-year-old daughter, Barbara. So, it is possible that Svetlana and Fedor again decide to unite for a family holiday.

However, others believe that on your birthday Bondarchuk, would prefer not to meet once again with Svetlana, and arrange a quiet holiday with a new lover.

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