Федор Бондарчук: «Александр Петров — животное!»
The Director spoke about working with the popular young actor.

Fyodor Bondarchuk

Photo: OK live

Two weeks before the release of the film “Ice” one
of its producers Fyodor Bondarchuk told about what to expect from the new pictures,
and on their recent premieres.

“I call this film a “romantic story “the Ice»,
— said Bondarchuk in Studio OK.live. Even “fabulous romantic
history.» This is the debut of the great Director, with whom we have a bit similar
biography of Oleg Trofimov. Film
was conceived as a bleak tale, but in the end grew into something bright. Outstanding
Director of photography Michael Eleshin to create a world in Irkutsk. And the Irkutsk
this atmosphere gave the same Baikal”.

Shortly before the premiere of “Ice” on the left
the picture is a “Selfie”, where Fedor Sergeyevich played a major role.

“Preview of the “Selfie” went well, but I
something lately I do not understand why arrange a premiere. Probably, for
the fact that many found out about it — says Bondarchuk. In the end, there
pictures, comments are the same – who and what hairstyle, who dressed as,
“burn in hell” and so on. But then why hold the Prime Minister to spend
a lot of money and effort if you can invite Olga Buzova one, put
screen and exhaust will be twice, three, a hundred times more. Want — take this
paradigm, do not want — do not take, but it’s true.”

Fedor Bondarchuk is the man hit. Regardless of
also, he starred in the film as an actor, or do it as a producer
or Director, the movie becomes successful. So, last year, a record box office
gathered they filmed the film “Gravity” with Alexander Petrov in the lead role.

“Alexander Petrov — the secret weapon. How he got in
«Attraction?» I tried all of artists and just young people aged
14 to 25 years who look in the direction of the theater, — says Fyodor Bondarchuk. —
And asked: “what about Petrov?”. And I say: “Wait, everything is clear with
Petrovs.» And Petrov comes and tears literally teeth. He’s a beast in the
good sense. Do not play people. Maybe we’ll find something better than Petrov?
Maybe we can find a new Petrov? I’m telling you, he’s a secret weapon. If
character Petrova was not a hockey player and weightlifter, and was an Armenian, anyway Petrov
would play”.