Федор и Виктор Добронравовы попали на «Деньги»
Father and son played the same character in different years of his life in the new series of NTV.

Федор и Виктор Добронравовы попали на «Деньги»

Fedor Dobronravov

Photo: Press-service of NTV

Soon on NTV will be held
premiere of Comedy film “the Money” with Fedor and Victor Dobronravova in
the lead roles. Actors will play the investigator by the name of Gromov in different periods of his life. Their hero here
for many years trying to solve the kidnapping of a million dollars.

starts in 1991. At the airport Sheremetyevo kidnapped part
state loan of one million dollars. To investigate the case charged
experienced investigator Konstantin Gromov. However, hot on the trail to find
the robbers eluded him. For a long time thunders live with a sense
professional defeat. But one day, after more than 25 years, the hero is attacking
the trail of criminals. Gromov and could not imagine how confusing story
behind the stolen money.

With the first
scenes Comedy film takes the audience into the memories of the protagonist. There the young thunders tries to understand what happened to a million and that he could
to miss in this story. Young investigator plays Viktor Dobronravov.
However, for greater reliability of the voice of the hero in his youth, and maturity one Fedor Dobronravov.

“In my
look, the solution with the voice-over was very funny. Character
constantly comments on the actions that he did in the past, and such assessment
can not but cause a smile — said Viktor Dobronravov. — I from the
beginning like the genre of the project, which filmed in the format of a Comedy detective.
It should be noted that all work on the painting “the Money” was funny — from reading the script to the last take. This was
the fact that I am not the first familiar with Director Ivan Shchegolev and pad have
had excellent, even family atmosphere. Besides, my father
worked together on our character and gave him some General
features in the past and in the present, it was also interesting.”

Viktor Dobronravov

Photo: Press-service of NTV