Федор и Светлана Бондарчук до сих пор официально женаты
About the mystery of the filmmaker told his mother Irina Skobtseva.

Федор и Светлана Бондарчук до сих пор официально женаты

Svetlana and Fedor Bondarchuk

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Fyodor Bondarchuk and Paulina Andreeva

Photo: Philip Goncharov

On the eve of the 90th anniversary of Irina Skobtseva gave some
great interviews for various publications and TV channels. The actress talked about her art and about
and of course, the children. In the transmission
“Family album. The anniversary of Irina Skobtseva”, devoted entirely to
hero of the day, Skobtseva has shared his thoughts and
about the new love of Fyodor Bondarchuk — Paulina Andreeva. The actress said that a positive attitude to
new beloved son. Besides, the woman made an unexpected confession.

“Paulina Andreeva I have four pluses.
She is a great actress and a wonderful person. By the way, Fedor is still not divorced
with Svetlana,” said Irina Konstantinovna.

Probably, the novel is not enough time to do registration
necessary documents. On the question of whether applied to her for help son,
when I made the decision to break up with his wife Svetlana, the star of the cinema and theatre
began to answer in the affirmative. “I consulted with Fyodor, but he is not with me. Because
he is the head of the clan of Bondarchuk,” said Skobtseva.

We will remind, the son of Fyodor and Svetlana — Sergei told about
even after the divorce, his parents managed to keep together almost
an ideal relationship. Former spouses, as it turned out, a good contact between
a on the phone and sometimes meet in restaurants. The path to such an idyll,
the words of Sergei, was not easy, but in the end, Fedor and Svetlana could
to overcome all differences.

“There were a lot of male conversations. And with mom too we
discussed. But the important thing is that the parents talked to each other. We all
worried, but trying not to go, — says Sergey. We saw what they
understand, and will understand exactly. Parents now communicate perfectly. Last
week, for example, calls me mom and says: and we are in the restaurant, come! I’m glad
what they well with each other. They are in a different status. But it doesn’t

The bride Bondarchuk — Paulina Andreeva don’t seem to
against such communication Fedora with Svetlana. As the strongest side
her beloved artist just selects it is the desire to help and
to support the people around him. This also applies to his personal life, and professional.

“Fedor — the person draws energy from sharing with people. Not from
the consumption of this world, that often happens! He is undoubtedly a man of giving. It
so, you know, “pomagalski”. He is charismatic and charming leader. No matter where he
appeared, he immediately becomes the center of the composition. Fedor is contagious as
baby!” — said Paulina in the documentary “Fyodor Bondarchuk.
Happy. Here and now”.