Федор и Светлана Бондарчук до сих пор не разведены The famous theater and film actress Irina Skobtseva told that did not affect the son. According to the artist, that he decided to break up with his wife Svetlana. However, according to reporters, the Director has not parted with the ex-lover.
Федор и Светлана Бондарчук до сих пор не разведены

August 22, people’s artist of the USSR Irina Skobtseva is celebrating its birthday – the actress turns 90 years old. Journalists claim that shortly before the happy event she gave them an interview in the House of veterans of cinema. According to star, she has no plans to celebrate a birthday and refuses the invitation to take part in the filming of the TV show.

Mom Fyodor Bondarchuk also admitted that he approved a new chosen son. However, as representatives of the media, the famous Director has not yet put the final point in relations with the former beloved. He probably doesn’t have enough time to do all the paperwork necessary as it was, for example, in the case of Alexander the Spout. He filed for divorce only a few months after news of the affair with Anastasia kranovoj. By the way, recently the actor and former” “star factory “participant” is no longer together.

Alexander Spout broke up with Anastasia kranovoj

“Paulina Andreeva I have four pluses. She is a great actress and a wonderful person. By the way, Fedor is still not divorced from Svetlana” – the correspondent words of Irina Konstantinovna.

On the question of whether applied to her for help son, when I made the decision to break up with his wife Svetlana, the star of the cinema and the theatre did not answer in the affirmative. “I consulted with Fyodor, but he is not with me. Because he is the head of the clan of Bondarchuk,” said Skobtseva, as reported by journalists.

Fyodor Bondarchuk raises Paulina Andreeva

During the conversation with representatives of mass media Irina Konstantinovna admitted that he’s worried about the cat Tipes, who was her assistant in the home was taken to Zaporozhye. Last year Skobtseva is injured due to your beloved pet – then she tried to step over sleeping the animal so not to Wake him, but stumbled over a rug and fell awkwardly. As a result, the actress had to postpone the medical intervention. After a while after surgery Skobtseva understand that she will need to contact a healthcare professional. Irina Konstantinovna does not hide that feeling under the weather.

“And somebody has collected my bones that now have to be redone. My Affairs are absolutely bad. (…) I’m afraid to do the operation, because in our country a bad anesthesia. Heart can not stand” – shared star.

Skobtseva is planning to go for medical care in Germany or Israel, but first she will have to deal with registration of necessary documents. According to the actress, she needs to get a new passport. “While I hobble with a stick”, – quotes celebrity “Express newspaper”.