Features of pile-screw Foundation

Особенности свайно-винтового фундамента

The Foundation is always perceived as a long and complex process that requires the use of heavy equipment. However, modernity gives the opportunity to use more relevant, interesting and easy techniques used to achieve not the worst result. Of course, it is the Foundation screw pile-type, which provides a quick, inexpensive, and flawless quality installation.

Особенности свайно-винтового фундамента

This accessibility rates due to minimal cost of labor, as the work it can handle a small team. You do not need to use heavy equipment. All work is carried out manually, easy and simple, thanks to the reliability and strength of the screw. If we talk about speed, depending on the complexity of soil and its scale, will require no more than three days. Most often work is carried out in just one day and it comes to a rapid completion.

Of necessity, the length of the pile can reach eleven metres, and this allows even the most complex work. It is important that mounted this type of Foundation, even at an angle, in swampy areas and in other difficult terrain that other types, is simply impossible.

Don’t need to prepare the soil, work begins immediately after the piles are delivered. As you can see, in addition to the main economy, clearly marked and even an additional benefit on many criteria. So use really interesting offers, professionals will be able to establish the Foundation in just a few time, what is valued in modern times even more than financial gain. Speaking of strength, can only say one thing: it can be built as a private house and the whole production, the high-rise structure, whatever.

So if you are interested in high-quality screw pile-Foundation, it is not necessary to postpone the order tomorrow. After specifying all the wishes today, within 1-3 days, the work will have been completed.

Consult with the professionals of the company Technovent, call all your wishes and achieve maximum comfort. This is the most simple, inexpensive and convenient way for installation of the Foundation.