Особенности выбора виниловых полов в интерьере

Modern vinyl floors have nothing to do with old records and is able to surprise the most demanding consumers. They combines the advantages of linoleum and laminate, and to visually distinguish the floor from the parquet will be able only a professional. Practicality, durability and affordable cost, vinyl flooring can be the envy of any floor covering. What is the secret?

Особенности выбора виниловых полов в интерьере
Dark vinyl floors 43 class Fine Floor Rich

Vinyl flooring is evolved linoleum from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with a high abrasion class (32-33 34-43 or class for quartz-vinyl). Excellent image quality and tactile embossing makes them looks almost identical to the laminate and even wood floor. While vinyl flooring is much more practical to use.

Особенности выбора виниловых полов в интерьере
Design vinyl tile Floor Alpine

Technical performance of vinyl flooring varies in thickness and composition of the “layer cake” in to the method of fixing and applying the decorative coating.

Особенности выбора виниловых полов в интерьере
White vinyl floor with lock Wicanders Vinylcomfort

The advantages of vinyl flooring:

  • can be installed on old floors with virtually no difference in height with the other;
  • there are styling options with a closure system and the glue;
  • not afraid of heels, and other operating loads;
  • acoustic comfort: it is much quieter than laminate and parquet;
  • soft and warm to the touch, unlike laminate;
  • not unnaturally it has a characteristic gloss of the protective film;
  • not afraid of high humidity (there are variants with 100% water resistance);
  • high abrasion class: 32 to 43;
  • suitable for installation in areas with high traffic (shopping malls and offices);
  • can be used with Underfloor heating (good thermal conductivity and low expansion coefficient when heated);
  • easy to install and does not require the participation of highly qualified professionals at packing;
  • environmentally friendly and safe for health of the user;
  • credible imitation of wood, stone, tile and beyond.

Особенности выбора виниловых полов в интерьере
Quartz-vinyl covering 34 class Fine Floor

Which vinyl flooring should I choose?

We’ve learned that the best materials are brought from Europe, and Chinese manufacturers offer more affordable, but less attractive and reliable product. This stereotype is true almost everywhere except for vinyl flooring!
The best vinyl produced by vypressovyvaniem decorative films of polymer in the oven at very high temperatures. This provides greater durability and accuracy of visual cover, but the production is quite harmful to the environment. The European manufacturers usually are not willing to pay high fines and compensation to workers, and therefore, this technology is not used. In China and South Korea requirements less stringent, so some of the best quality vinyl flooring is produced right there.

Особенности выбора виниловых полов в интерьере
Vinyl laminate 34 class Vinilpol

The nuances of laying vinyl flooring

Vinyl floor coverings are available in many different options. Specialists of the company “I-shop”, a large store floor coverings in Moscow, I advise you to choose a thin vinyl coating. They are completely waterproof unlike the thicker models to HDF-plate, which may swell, even from small amounts of moisture.

Особенности выбора виниловых полов в интерьере
Vinyl cover with lock Vinilpol

In wet areas (bathroom, WC, garage), vinyl floors have to be glued, as over time under a tile, laid in a locking manner, from the flowing water may appear fungus and odor. But vinyl with applied adhesive composition to buy does not make much sense, because conventional adhesive for PVC coating is much stronger, and the laying speed is no difference.

Vinyl flooring is a great choice for those looking for a decent option of replacing the flooring in the living areas and ceramic tile in wet areas.

Beige quartz vinyl grade 34 Fine Floor Light