Feast for two: how to restore the passion in family life

Праздник для двоих: как вернуть страсть в семейную жизнь You and your husband together for the first ten years and forgot when the last time you had sex? Psychologist Natalia Tolstaya said “StarHit” how to restore the passion in family life.
Праздник для двоих: как вернуть страсть в семейную жизнь


I’m not advocating that the wife planted in front of himself, wife, and solemnly declared: “From today we begin to experiment in bed!”Here it is better not to speak and to do. To give committed, you’ll say: no man will refuse that will bring him pleasure. To persuade him to have sex is not necessary – he’s always ready for him. Therefore take the initiative into their own hands. But in bed, by the way, it is possible to ask: say, what do you want, darling, anything for enjoyment? It is very likely that his answer will surprise you – because of the fact that he was silent about it for so many years…


As corny as it may sound, but to return to the sex you need to bring in relations. Techniques as old as the world: get a haircut, paint hair in a fashionable color, try to choose unusual shades in clothing, forget about boring the pants wear Flirty skirts and dresses. In the development of sexuality pairs 80% depends on the woman, her actions, behaviors, and willingness to get your husband to look at it with different eyes.

Праздник для двоих: как вернуть страсть в семейную жизнь


It is not easy to awaken desire in the bedroom littered with children’s toys and unironed linen. Remember: in the place where you sleep, should always be perfect cleanliness and order. Linen cover beautiful and high quality. Don’t ignore tempting outfits of dream sets bra + panties, namely Frank nightgowns, lace gowns, satin t-shirts and shorts… On the bedside table will look more organic fruits and a bottle of wine, and a pair of fine wine glasses and aromatic candles. Leave the laptop in the other room.

Праздник для двоих: как вернуть страсть в семейную жизнь


Try to surprise the spouse with something that is unusual for you in everyday life. Start to wash the floor, dressed in sexy robe and stockings, actively and aggressively flirt with him in the car on the way home, or linger over dinner with a friend later. This will make him pay attention to you.


But in any case do not do this alone – used to burn with shame. To start, take a friend for a laugh, you will laugh your head off, for example, over men’s thongs with a split. But the purpose of the parish don’t forget: do not hesitate to contact the sales consultant to help to choose from the abundance of goods that will appeal and suit you. Start with toys for yourself, they will help to loosen up and reveal your sexiness. And then you think about your spouse.

Праздник для двоих: как вернуть страсть в семейную жизнь


Often to love him without hesitation to prevent women from a strict upbringing or troubled past of family problems or previous partner. Because of this, they often say before a loved one. To forget about false modesty, will have to address to the sexologist – it will help get rid of stiffness, to forgive and to find a hidden potential. “Dry cleaning” of the soul will allow us to stop being afraid and to gain confidence in yourself.

Праздник для двоих: как вернуть страсть в семейную жизнь


And not just to excite herself and her husband, but also for educational purposes. Sex should be learned as, say, mathematics. You visit sites on which you tell and show how to roast a chicken or perform lower body exercises. It’s the same with erotica: there is nothing wrong to see what professionals in the sphere of intimacy, and learn from their skills.

Праздник для двоих: как вернуть страсть в семейную жизнь


The rule is from time to time to break up with her husband, say, for a week every three months. My husband and I do and have experienced all the delights of this method. Male must be periodically bored, feel the need in you. And it will be useful to relax: like, like, unshaven, sweat pants, baggy knees, to accumulate forces and long-awaited meeting to reveal himself in the image of the Prince.


Physical activity in the gym, add strength, improve your posture and give your confidence and swim and dance develop plastic. Slinky form for training, combined with the abundance of mirrors around will help you look at ourselves and perhaps think about correction. Pool relieve fatigue and negative working day. If the opportunity to visit it does not, with this task perfectly cope relaxing bath.