Fearless Tom cruise was not afraid of this terrorist

Бесстрашный Том Круз не испугался настоящего террориста
Shooting the next “Mission…” resumed half an hour after the attack.

Бесстрашный Том Круз не испугался настоящего террориста

new details of the filming of the sixth film of the franchise “Mission impossible”
Paris. Last Thursday the crew of the film, according to the will
case, was less than a five minute drive from the Champs-elysées, where
a terrorist opened fire on the police and ordinary citizens. And one of
actors Henry Cavill, famous for
performance as Superman, visited the scene just 15 minutes
prior to the attack…

fortunately, no one on the team who worked on the film, in which the main role
(agent Ethan hunt) is still playing Tom cruise, has not suffered as a result
shooting. Guide Studio Paramount invited the members of the crew to make a break in work to
to recover after suffering stress. But everything, including the 54-year-old Cruz, refused.
And, as it became known, work on the film resumed in less than an hour
after the incident.

the new movie, as told by the producer of this movie — David Ellison, Tom again
will demonstrate the wonders of fearlessness, performing the most difficult and dangerous trick. Moreover, as assured by the producer,
this time Cruz will show “something absolutely incredible that will surpass it
past achievements”. If you remember
continues the exploits of the crews, such as his stunts on top of the highest
building in the world — 828 – meter Burj Khalifa in Abu Dhabi, it becomes
it is clear that viewers will see something really amazing. In this
you will see it in July next year, when the premiere of the film,
in which in addition to cruise and Cavill engaged Alec Baldwin, Rebecca Ferguson, Simon
Pegg and other actors.