FBI agents questioned Jolie about pitt’s quarrel with his son

Агенты ФБР расспросили Джоли о ссоре Питта с сыном

Confidential conversation lasted more than three hours.

Frustrating still, when the showdown between the ex-spouses there is someone else. In the case of Jolie and pitt that third not a mistress or a lover that destroyed the marriage, and the law enforcement agencies that are still trying to find out the circumstances of the quarrel that happened between brad, Angie and their son Maddox to Board the plane and caused the divorce of the couple.

On Tuesday, Jolie rented a house in Malibu included two employees of the Federal Bureau of investigation and, according to the news portal TMZ, spent nearly three hours. They questioned the actress about what exactly happened on Board the aircraft after landing to refuel in Minnesota.

As previously reported, the journalists, the eldest son of the couple Maddox said something that enraged pitt. The actor rushed to the son and managed to touch it only in the shoulder area, as between the parties to the conflict arose Angelina Jolie. The staff of the Department for the protection of children and families inspected the boy and found his body traces of blows. In an interview with Jolie the FBI tried to find out whether there are other reasons for initiation of proceedings.

Incidentally, they may well be, after all, Maddox still had not forgiven his father. As reported by People, the boy ignored two appointments of brad pitt with children.

We will remind that on September 30 it became known that Jolie and pitt have reached an interim agreement on child custody, the term of which expires on October 20. According to the document, the custody of six children handed to the mother. The fate of the children will be decided in court. The actors communicate through lawyers and both attend therapists.

“It’s incredibly sad that their love is so ugly is over,” complained friends of the couple.