Favorite trends of the modern home

Любимые тренды современного дома

In 50 years, a key trend in interior design, the furniture was low-slung and graphic textiles. In the 70’s, was dominated by the brown and orange combination of colors. But what will leave in the memory of the beginning of the 21st century? We can only guess.

Любимые тренды современного дома

Cushion “UK flag”

Cushion in the style of the British flag not only the pride of the British, these pillows are very popular in every country where they make sofas. Regardless, the flag is embroidered, painted or printed.

Любимые тренды современного дома

Bare brick walls

Our generation seems to love intentionally unfinished and incomplete solutions. As if left for later work and eventually finish the begun business. But in modern interiors well and without trim, the combination of rough rustic, with a smooth machined surface. Bare brick walls, saying that we are honest and we have nothing in common with plasterboard painted designs.

Любимые тренды современного дома

Different chairs around the table

The set of chairs consists of a variety of trends in the 20th and 21st centuries. Mixed design of classic and contemporary, together with plastic chairs. Wave striking eclectic appearance. This style appeared because of the fact that you can not always find the same number of matching chairs for guests. Because of this, around the table and there were a variety of stools, chairs, and even chairs, and if chairs are not enough, appealed even to the neighbors. It works great to this day in modern interior design.

Любимые тренды современного дома


You don’t need a hunting cabin and a shotgun, that would be on the wall you have a cheerful accessory in the form of a pair of horns. They can be made from wood, ceramic or even corrugated cardboard in the hallway, they look cozy and comfortable.

Любимые тренды современного дома

Three hanging chandeliers

Two is too few, four is too many, but three have become a real style today, just eye pleasing to look at. They hang in the kitchen or in the living room over the dining table. Truly effective, functional and balanced result.

Любимые тренды современного дома

Huge objects

No, you don’t hit to the giants, you just involved in a trend of big things. A giant clock, a giant table lamp, this is an adequate trends of the 21st century. Most likely, the home owner will feel among these items, some in childhood.

Любимые тренды современного дома

Ceramic wall tiles in the style of underground

The second decade of the 21st century, is characterized by practicality, timelessness and stylishness. It is not surprising that the style of city metro in the form of ceramic tiles for walls, found their way to our kitchens and bathrooms.

Любимые тренды современного дома

Quotes and slogans

If your house is covered with witty aphorisms. Then continue in the same spirit as they welcome and enliven your walls.

Photo gallery on the wall

Selfies can be done anywhere, but the walls are still decorated with old fashioned photos and they never go out of fashion. From wedding photographs of grandparents before the birth of a new life. Family photo galleries adorn the walls of every house.

These main trends in modern house, you can find almost any interior and design. Maybe they will remain in the memory as the standard style of the early 21st century, after many years.