Любимые питомцы Королевы Елизаветы – корги


Любимые питомцы Королевы Елизаветы – корги

They are fluffy, funny and very popular! I live in Phuket and have their….. Who are they? First the muzzle of his country!

The love lasting over 80 years! She’s the most famous monarch of the world, Queen of the United States of great Britain and Northern
Ireland – Queen Elizabeth II, and a number of dog breed Corgi. The first meeting of Corgi and Elizabeth happened when she was little
Princess. Parents gave Lisa and her sister’s puppies, and on the eighteenth birthday Elizabeth received a doggie, which no longer have
was to share with anyone. A dog named Susan, with her and started everyone knows the story of the Royal corgis. In General, the Queen has more than 30
dogs of this breed. Only in 2015-m to year the monarchs have ceased to breed breed, however as Elizabeth was no longer young, so I didn’t want to
the event of her death, the dog missed her.

Happiness Corgi the Queen in priority. She did not differ with them for a moment, took them on a honeymoon with Prince Philip, they accompanied and supported her during official meetings. On Christmas day the Queen was preparing for my Corgi individual gifts. The cars were chosen specifically for their doggies so it was comfortable, watched their diet. Menu for the doggies was the best veterinarians and chefs! The food served in the expensive, beautiful dish and was not allowed to sleep on the floor so that they are not lost.

Любимые питомцы Королевы Елизаветы – корги

Be mad at a Corgi the Queen does not allow even myself, so forgive a case when one time the dogs have bitten her.

In 2012, the year her dogs became heroes in the film about James bond. About them even made a cartoon. Their era ended in 2018, the year when died the last of the Royal corgis – 14-year-old dog willow, he was a cancer patient, so he did not suffer, the Queen decided to put him to sleep.

“She mourned each of his corgis to death, but willow had upset her more than anything. Probably because willow was the last connection with her
parents, a reminder of childhood. It’s like the end of an era”.

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