Любимая гитара Принса ушла с молотка

Legendary favorite musical instrument of the singer Prince, with whom he has performed at a huge number of concerts, went under the hammer. Classical yellow guitar found a new owner in the person of the collector – owner of the team in American football Jim Irsay. The auction house Heritage Auctions said that the yellow guitar was one of the favorite for Prince, therefore should take pride of place in the house of the new owner. Jim gave out 137 thousand dollars, because we believe that to take from him will be more than carefully.

We will remind, the singer Prince was not a little more than two months ago, but his name still appears in the press, the gossip. This is due both to inheritance and suddenly found relatives and to the circumstances of the death of the musician.

Thus, recently in the media there was a message that was found a suicide note by the artist, in which he complained of pain.

“He wanted to be remembered if not as the greatest artist of the pop scene, at least not as someone who committed suicide. He wanted to bring love and joy through their music,” said close to the Prince insider.

According to the same source, when viewed from the house of the Prince after his death, was found a letter, which can be described as near-death, since torn from a notebook sheet he said that “trying to stop”.

“I need something that can stop the pain, “wrote the Prince. – It’s time to leave. I do not mean to leave any time soon. I’m not saying to leave now. Love, love, love”.

The informant added that Prince really suffered from pain and he knew what dose to take painkillers to stop it. He was very tired, he didn’t want to live.”


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