Favorite Dmitry Shepelev plays on his feelings?

Любимая Дмитрия Шепелева играет на его чувствах?
Father Zhanna Friske learned exactly who interferes with his communication with his grandson.

Dmitry Shepelev Plato

Photo: @Instagram dmitryshepelev Dmitry Shepelev

Vladimir Kopylov, the father of Jeanne Friske, made another sensational confession. He said that he finally figured out who is the main “gray cardinal” in his complex relationship with Dmitry Shepelev. Vladimir has put forward the version that the cause for which he cannot communicate with his grandson, is the current favorite female TV presenter.

Passion Shepeleva is, as authoritative claims Kopylov, former beautician Jeanne Kseniya Stepanova. Father Friske Dmitry attributed an affair with her since the funeral of the star daughters. According to his version, the close contact Xenia and TV stars began during the life of Jeanne and is still ongoing. Moreover, Vladimir is sure that Stepanova “dragged” artist of the documents, signatures which are then “faked” Dmitry. On the basis of fraud, as suggested by Kopylov, between Stepanova and Shepelev began a romantic relationship.

Vladimir is sure, she not only committed a fraud with the documents, but also trying to separate the family forever Friske-year-old Plato. Reportedly, Dmitry fired the boy, and now Stepanova engaged in his education. Perhaps under the influence of Plato and began to distrust his grandfather. We will remind, during last meeting with the relatives, he asked some provocative questions: “Grandpa, where is the money? Where is the house?”, who could hardly come to Plato in the head without assistance.

“In the past, She just came to visit for Plato. Later I learned that he and Dima are so close to each other that together, my grandson flew to Greece. Now Stepanova and not to move in with him. I call her constantly, but she never picked up. With her trying to get in touch and Olga Orlova, but also to no avail. It turns out that Xenia was replaced by Plato and mother, and godmother. Well, so be it! But why limit the communication and ignore the family?” — surprised Kopylov in conversation with StarHit. Here’s a detective story. However, direct evidence that Shepeleva in a relationship with Ksenia, no. Moreover, in the spring he attributed the novel with quite another young lady — Olesya Sitnikova.