Любимый дизайнер Филиппа Киркорова отдыхает в компании экс-участницы «ДОМа-2» Designer Philipp Plein for several days now resting in the company of the former participant “Houses-2” Inessa Shevchuk. Couple prefers not to comment on the status of their relationship, but fans are sure that a famous designer has a tender feel to the girl.
Любимый дизайнер Филиппа Киркорова отдыхает в компании экс-участницы «ДОМа-2»

An ordinary girl from Khabarovsk as a young, dreamed of a luxurious life. Tearing painful relationship with the grandson of the former Governor of Khabarovsk territory Igor Ishayev, three years ago she went to the perimeter of the Moscow telestroke, and just over a month of participation in the reality could achieve anything you wanted.

Private jet, sports cars, clothes and millions of colors – now it’s all about Inessa Shevchuk. And recently, 24-year-old girl often seen in the company of the famous German fashion designer Philipp Plein – couple together sunbathing on a yacht and attends social events. And since 40-year-old designer is considered to be one of the most eligible Western bachelor, his new novel, the Western press is actively discussing.

Любимый дизайнер Филиппа Киркорова отдыхает в компании экс-участницы «ДОМа-2»

However, she can not boast of the perfect reputation, despite such a short stay at the “House-2”. Rumors about her escort past that Shevchuk was denied and even threatened to sue the evil tongues claiming that the elegant life she has earned herself.

In addition to the fees for shooting, the girl often received gifts from influential admirers. At different times in her fiances recorded businessman Oleg Tinkov, rappers T-killah and Guf. By the way, because of the overly close friendship with the latter, a few years ago Inessa scandal with ISA Anokhina. It is ex-wife of rapper accused the model in the intima for the money and secret relationship with the contractor.

By the way, the newly-minted boyfriend Shevchuk is considered not only a sex symbol in the fashion industry, but also one of the most successful designers of his generation. Fans of the brand are Lindsay Lohan, Naomi Campbell, fergie and Philip. Designer known for his extravagant style and love for crystals, which is literally strewn with all things from his collections.

Fans of Inessa hope her romance with Plein is not just a competent PR. Perhaps it is near a famous designer she will be able to gain long-awaited happiness, and the rumors of her questionable reputation will remain in the past.