Favorite brand Prince George earn him millions

Любимые марки принца Джорджа зарабатывают на нем миллионы

After the appearance of Prince George in the children’s version of Crocs brand sales increased by 1,500 percent.

Kate Middleton has repeatedly recognized style icon. Each image of the Duchess flawless… But like any mother, Kate chooses her clothes and children! And the looks of a young Prince, has attracted so much of the fashion critics that Kate could think of reward for the creation of “effect of Prince George.

The Prince, by the way, already had a considerable influence on the masses of people. Well, for example, repeatedly recognized as the most famous baby in the world… once even joked that his Wikipedia page came long before his birth!

At the same time the Prince made the cashier of the children’s clothing stores. A week ago, the heir to the Royal throne of great Britain appeared in public in the children’s version of Crocs, then the site Amazon.co.uk announced that the sale of these shoes increased by 1500 percent since the advent of her Prince.

As a representative of another website said that this only proves once again that “there is no time limits in order to be a”style icon”.

Earlier, Prince George has already provoked a surge in sales of blankets, under which he slept and knitted Cath Kidston vest, which appeared on the official pictures of the Royal family.

But before the glory of the mom is far from it. To recall the number of times wedding dress Kate Middleton brides from all over the world ordered it in the Studio.

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