Fatima Khadueva of the dead man: “He confused friendship with love”

Фатима Хадуева о покойном избраннике: «Он перепутал дружбу с любовью» A psychic told me how her life has changed after the tragedy. Fatima Khadueva is preparing to present fans a new season of the reality show, which will be a place of both joy and sorrow, and violent conflicts. “StarHit” talked sneznaya and find out what surprises await the audience.
Фатима Хадуева о покойном избраннике: «Он перепутал дружбу с любовью»

Fans of Fatima Khadueva well remember the grief she had to endure until recently. Shortly before the wedding sneznaya have lost a loved one. “StarHit” wrote about a situation in which the heroine of the program “diary of a psychic with Fatima Khadueva” on TV-3 ( repeats of old editions of on the air from 7 August). The audience, watching the woman’s life, with understanding and sympathetic to her, and then trying to encourage in social networks.

Soon the psychic returns to the air October 6, the new season of the show with her participation. In anticipation of the premiere of Fatima Khadueva said that actually it was tied with Vic Kerechashvili why her son works as a courier and how she sees its future.

Fatima, your job takes a lot of energy. How you recover? You have a special ritual?
Фатима Хадуева о покойном избраннике: «Он перепутал дружбу с любовью»I like the car battery: the more you work – the more charged. Favorite activities always gives the additional flow of energy. My main ritual is to love what you do and do what you love. Then there is exhaustion, you do not empty yourself, but rather fill.—
Recently in Instagram you asked subscribers about their aspirations and goals. What are your plans for the future?
Фатима Хадуева о покойном избраннике: «Он перепутал дружбу с любовью»My goal, first and foremost, depend on my three children. Everyone should take the time for everyone to make a schedule. And that is why I asked this question on Instagram: I was wondering how the plans of the parents for the summer coincide with the desires of their children. My followers wondered what they want to do this season, began to make plans – and in each of the choice they were. As for me personally, the schedule for the coming year drawn up very tightly, is and meeting people, and writing, and the formation of a new season of “Diary of psychic” which we decided to launch at the request of our viewers.—
Than children brought over the last few months?
Фатима Хадуева о покойном избраннике: «Он перепутал дружбу с любовью»As always, the lucky younger, 16-year-old Dasha. She is a very smart girl, we call her Professor. Dasha enjoys learning Korean language and culture of this country, and coincidentally, accidentally or not, on the day of her birth, July 1, started the year of Korea in Russia. At the opening, she was awarded a certificate and invited to the Olympics to be held in South Korea. In the summer she also studied in Holland and sunbathing in Turkey. Now like grilled chicken, but says it looks good. Now Dasha is going with me to go to Sochi to help me with the work, and on 9 September at the national book fair she will present her book, which was written during the filming of “diary of a psychic”. But the main thing for me was the fact that Dasha decided to leave school and walk to 11th grade.
Фатима Хадуева о покойном избраннике: «Он перепутал дружбу с любовью»
What about the other children?
Фатима Хадуева о покойном избраннике: «Он перепутал дружбу с любовью»They understand that summer is not just recreation, but also the chance to earn a living. For example, a 20-year-old Rizvan was stunned by how difficult the money. He worked as a courier and well received – not less than 60-80 thousand per month. However, the son is hiding everything. It would be the desire to work and ability to always appear! Mom, don’t be afraid to let their boys to independent swimming. Believe me, they want to live well that will find these opportunities and learn how and where to provide for themselves and their girls. The eldest daughter, 23-year-old Alena, I was very surprised. In the summer she opened her business, not women’s. For me it’s a shock, but it reminds me of my youth, so hope that the adrenaline will be gone, and she could do it.
Фатима Хадуева о покойном избраннике: «Он перепутал дружбу с любовью»
What kind of a mother are you? The family has some serious restrictions?
Фатима Хадуева о покойном избраннике: «Он перепутал дружбу с любовью»Better to ask them. On the one hand, I’m quite a strict mother. Sometimes I even say that overly annoying children. But I think this is one of the elements of education. If the mother will not be able to vaccinate their own child respect for elders and core values, and their good families he fails. I want to say: mom is not a sponsor and not attendants. “Go, give, get, take” today children we are often so perceived, and it’s wrong. On the other hand, I’m soft and pliable mommy wants to make kids happy and fulfill their desires. We all think alike and want to give them something that they have not received themselves. But I will warn all moms: we have achieved in life what they themselves did not get. If we gave it ready, then we wouldn’t be today those who have. I’d really like to help children and to do everything for them, but hit yourself on the hand and stop giving them the opportunity to err, to fall, to rise and develop.—
Rizvan has a girlfriend? And Alena is a young man? I can already imagine myself mother-in-law and mother-in-law? Maybe grandmother?
Фатима Хадуева о покойном избраннике: «Он перепутал дружбу с любовью»You will learn everything in the new season of “Diary of a psychic”. I grew up in the Caucasus, we have prepared for the children before leaving the family nest, and my job is to teach them and prepare. The dream of every mother is to raise a child and give it to another family. To give his daughter in marriage, and give yourself a checkmark: all free. Quickly marry the boy and pass it to another woman. It is the goal of any mother, her happiness. My children, though not in a hurry to leave the nest, they are with mommy well. And I have already been ready to be a mother-in-law and mother-in-law, and grandmother. Sure it will not spoil my appearance, mood and state. I now know that I will be a wonderful mother-in-law, will cherish son-in-law. But as soon as I think about the girl next to Rizvan, they become harmful and capricious bitch. Perhaps there is some kind of “hormone-in-law”.—
You had a family tragedy, lost a loved one Vakhtang. Who helped you recover? Where found power?
Фатима Хадуева о покойном избраннике: «Он перепутал дружбу с любовью»From the beginning the audience saw that it was the initiative of Vakhtang to come to me to get married. He confused friendship with love. And I, as a woman from the Caucasus, have respect for all, including feelings, and I subconsciously included a syndrome of salvation. I have included all the resources to save him, but knew he was doomed. The viewer saw what was left over: I shouted at him and the film crew – take him to the hospital, he will die! It was clear. Disease and mystery of life entwined. Don’t promise what you cannot perform. Therefore, Vakhtang start the mechanism of an incurable disease. A promise on his deathbed his dying mother always demands retribution. It was very hard because my whole life is intended to rescue people and prolong their lives. But to go across God’s plan, I think blasphemy. Something happened that should have. And I, and the family of Vakhtang hard it was going through.
Фатима Хадуева о покойном избраннике: «Он перепутал дружбу с любовью»
How did you manage to strike a balance between work and family?
Фатима Хадуева о покойном избраннике: «Он перепутал дружбу с любовью»First and foremost, you need to organize yourself. The problem of the current generation of women is fear to assume the responsibility and the desire to do everything yourself. We always think where to get food, how to feed a family than to pay for an apartment how to earn money and so on. To make you comfortable to live, not to serve your life or children, you need to assign responsibilities by teaching each of them responsibility. For example, I have Rizwan ensures that the house does not accumulate junk. He knows that it is all men’s duty: porch, hallway, garage, etc. Alena is responsible for the inner part. When you come into the house, it should be clean and smelling good. The purity depends on the harmony in the family, pass it to children. If possible, take a helper – then it will be easier. It is the home and household chores take most of the time. At work you earn money, the real mess starts after six in the evening, when you come home.
Now in full filming the new season of “Diary of psychic”. Than it will differ from previous installments? And what was most difficult for you?
Фатима Хадуева о покойном избраннике: «Он перепутал дружбу с любовью»My audience already knows that any shooting of any season for me and my family is an eternal stress. There are so many things that cannot be contained in one project. Every time we sacrifice the very interesting events of everyday life. It’s terrible for me because of those events, is the life of any Russian woman and we want to reflect it as fully as possible, to give more advice in different situations. The new season will again be many interesting. Our life bursts into a young man and his ambitions, the conflict goes on all fronts: at war with him and the kids, and me. He is too much about himself imagines. Well, let’s educate and understand! And most importantly, in the fourth season we’ll reveal the ancestral family secret Hatuevich.

Last year you told me that at some point start to interfere with your personal life… And what is the situation now?
Фатима Хадуева о покойном избраннике: «Он перепутал дружбу с любовью»Personal life is possible every woman that is willing to allow her in the head. It’s a stereotype that if she is doing well at work, in your personal life – problems. Everything depends on us. Let’s clearly separate: work is work and love and family – this is your personal. As for me, most of all, is that not just there is an urgent need to spill over from work into personal life. I find it difficult to meet a man with whom our energy would coincide. Every day I passed through thousands of waves, and the result is emotional burnout. But I know my life: that I’ll be fine alone just will not die. Going to sit with the beloved man on the sofa to watch the entire “diary of a psychic” and wonder how we lived, giving himself completely to the work. —
Do you believe in fate and that it cannot be changed? What can you say about yourself?
Фатима Хадуева о покойном избраннике: «Он перепутал дружбу с любовью»Destiny is a life plan that we write for ourselves. This is what we pledge to do on Earth. Fate has reference points: the moments of birth, profession, death. Reference points cannot be changed. If you have to be popular, it will certainly become. But who would you be? Killer, which will all the talking, or a famous writer? Up to you. I tried many times to change his fate and he challenges her by picking a different profession. I studied medicine, and received legal and economic education. I am a good businessman, a great reporter, you know how to communicate with people. I tried to run from fate and from destiny to be with them, to help them. And that’s what eventually happened. So decide for yourself whether to escape the fate, or all attempts to escape from it only lead to its implementation. —
You constantly ask for advice. And you personally who is being consulted? Who is your authority?
If people ever say that anyone is not advised, and do not seek help, then you know that his pride ate with giblets. It is impossible to live without asking for advice. Inside should always be questioned, and opinions of others allow you to be objective. In my profession it often happens that you look inside yourself and know the answer to the question, but lacks the objectivity to recognize the truth. My main bosses are my mother and children. They didn’t lie, although sometimes the truth is very painful. I have a very close person in Dagestan, there are people in Moscow to whom I speak on various issues. It is impossible to have one consultant for all topics. Need to know how to ask questions and seek help. People help me, persuade or even force you to go where I don’t want or tired to go. Without this it is impossible to live, we all are human and all need to communicate.