Fatima Khadueva had an affair with a young magician?

Фатима Хадуева закрутила роман с юным магом? Fans are sure that a psychic approached 22-year-old Denis Vysotsky during the filming of his show. Young magician dreams of becoming a disciple of a famous psychic, to fully disclose the gift and help people.
Фатима Хадуева закрутила роман с юным магом?

This Friday, the sixth of October, on channel TV-3 starts a new season of “diary of a psychic with Fatima Haguenau”. In the next part of clairvoyant show will be not one, but paired with the young finalist of the 17th “battle of the psychics” Denis Vysotsky. Fans of Haguenau believe that the young protégé not just got for the project as the lead.

Rumor has it that Khadueva Vysotsky and bind romantic relationships. Despite his young age, the young man has managed to prove to the entire country that has a unique psychic abilities, and not inferior to the strength of the most experienced and Mature colleagues in the magic shop. It aims to further develop your gift, learn to help people with their troubles as does Fatima, a longtime idol Denis.

“With the advent of Vladimir Vysotsky Fatima as if in bloom, – told “StarHit” surrounded by stars. – In her eyes there was light, and the smile literally goes from the face. Maybe it’s just friendship, but who knows…”

Khadueva and Vysotsky had no immediate comment on the romance rumors, calling himself just colleagues. Meanwhile, the “StarHit” found that 22-year-old Denis is a girl’s name is Alena. With her popular MAG occurs not for the first month.

“However, not so long ago Denis and Alena had a big fight, – told the “StarHit” the friend of the girl Svetlana. Allegedly due to work, he began to pay her less attention. But I do not believe that Denis had an affair with Haguenau. They have huge age difference!”

Denis Vysotsky realizes that some unusual abilities is sometimes not enough, and it is important to learn to manage them. So he wants to do everything to Fatima became his mentor.

Many remember the story of Haguenau with Vakhtang Karichashvili. Before he died, he turned to a clairvoyant for help, and at the same time confessed his love. Fatima Khadueva of the dead man: “He confused friendship with love”

“From the beginning the audience saw that it was the initiative of Vakhtang to come to me to marry, said in an interview with “StarHit” Khadueva. – And I, as a woman from the Caucasus, have respect for all, including feelings, and I subconsciously included a syndrome of salvation. I have included all the resources to save him, but knew he was doomed. The viewer saw what was left over: I shouted at him and the film crew – take him to the hospital, he will die! It was clear. Disease and mystery of life entwined. Don’t promise what you cannot perform. Therefore, Vakhtang start the mechanism of an incurable disease. A promise on his deathbed his dying mother always demands retribution. It was very hard because my whole life is intended to rescue people and prolong their lives. But to go across God’s plan, I think blasphemy. Something happened that should have. And I, and the family of Vakhtang hard it was going through”.