Отца «пьяного мальчика» упрекают в пристрастии к алкоголю после трагедии The death of Alyosha Shimko did the lives of his parents miserable. Last year in Balashikha, Olga alisova knocked six year old boy. Initially, experts said that in the blood of the baby discovered alcohol, however, the Investigative Committee has denied these findings.
Отца «пьяного мальчика» упрекают в пристрастии к алкоголю после трагедии

Last spring the whole country was shocked by the story of the deceased in Balashikha six-year-old Alyosha Shimko. An initial examination found that the child was dead drunk in his blood found serious even for an adult dose of alcohol is 2.7 ppm. The investigative Committee did a second analysis, which excluded the presence of alcohol in the body of a baby and came to the conclusion that the first lab made a serious mistake. The expertise of the Investigative Committee in the case of “drunk” the boy proved his sobriety

Dmitry Shepelev in the program “really” decided to recall the story. Roman Shimko, father of the deceased boy, convinced that Olga Alisovoy that killed his son is a criminal group. What alarmed him was that disappeared from CCTV footage, and he became aware of her connection with the underworld. In addition, the woman’s husband is serving 10 years in prison.

“There is a conspiracy of a group of persons, to make the child drunk, to help Olga escape from the responsibility”, – says Roman.
Отца «пьяного мальчика» упрекают в пристрастии к алкоголю после трагедии

Experts in the Studio decided to clarify, could Alyosha accidentally drink alcohol. The man admitted that in their house there are spirits, but they are out of reach of children.

“Neither that day nor even the theoretical possibility was not,” said Roman.

In the Studio of came the mother-in-law Alisovoy Galina. She stated that, according to her, a grandfather who was walking with the baby, drank beer in the courtyard. Roman dismissed the suggestion and assured that the elderly person does not drink alcohol for more than 10 years because of diabetes.

Отца «пьяного мальчика» упрекают в пристрастии к алкоголю после трагедии

Galina told me that her son, Olga’s husband Alisovoy really serving a sentence in prison. Her eldest heir is also in the prison, however, already again.

According to one version, Olga met her future husband on the correspondence. Roman admitted that in came a man who believes in the involvement of Alisovoy to the spread of drugs. Also, some experts in the Studio suggested that her husband could take the blame for some crime and is now it is covered with influential people.

Roman Ustyuzhanin checked Roman Shimko lie detector. One of the concerns of men who have lost their child, is that the perpetrators can avoid responsibility. In the Studio there was a cousin of Olga Sergey Komarov. He said that the daughter of Alisovoy is with him in another city. He had to take away a child due to bullying of her mother. The man did not understand why the novel is cruel to the girl. Shimko did not intend to retreat from its principle.

“I will punish all involved in this case, then I’ll stop,” he said.

The Roman Ustyuzhanin asked a series of questions to the father of the deceased child. He asked accused whether his family because the last time he was addicted to alcohol. The man replied in the affirmative.