Отец Жанны Фриске: «Шепелев хочет меня убить»

Vladimir Kopylov, the father of deceased singer Zhanna Friske taken aback journalists the next sensational news: in his words, Dmitry civilian spouse of ex-soloist of “Brilliant” and the father of her only son Plato, ordered the murder of his would father-in-law.

Not so long ago Dmitry passed the lie detector test and was frankly told that he didn’t take money, “Rusfond”, which now has more than 20 million rubles, and the parents of Jeanne, and her little son. Shepelev also said that he believes the threats of Vladimir on the murder because of his strong hatred, because Dmitry and his child everywhere accompanied by a guard.
“Parents of Jeanne, I like a red rag to a bull. In their eyes the reason for the loss of her daughter – I” — admitted Dmitry.
Reporters tried to contact with Vladimir, to hear his version, and Kopylov admitted. that’s his life in danger. During the first clashes with the police he allegedly was advised not to contact Dmitry, because “this man is going to put you behind bars.” But Vladimir is sure that the broadcaster can go ahead and assassinate him. He allegedly told friends during his visit to Odessa.
“When I was in Odessa, me a message warned friends that Shepelev I ordered, asked me to be careful” — said Vladimir surprised the journalists. Kopylov sees evil intent in all the actions of Dmitry and even his recent pledge to donate the motorcycle to the son he did only because Vladimir promised once to give him a big motorcycle.
17 June was to be held a new meeting Plato with his grandparents, but Dmitri gave a certificate that the boy was unwell, and he.. took the child to a barbecue. This Vladimir said mutual friends. And the next day and all went with his son in Greece on the sea.
“I don’t know how to fight it” — said Kopylov and said that the arrival of Dmitry will be fined.