Father Zhanna Friske is accusing journalists of lying

Отец Жанны Фриске обвиняет журналистов во лжи

I’d like to believe that the relations of the deceased relatives of the singer Zhanna Friske and its civil husband Dmitry Shepelev will be peace. Contrary to recent media information, the father of the actress Vladimir Kopylov, who for many months almost literally fighting for the grandson of Plato, not only wants normal relations with Dmitry, but also accusing journalists of lying.

According to Vladimir, his words about what he allegedly does not wish to see Shepeleva – taken out of context.
“I didn’t say that. Of course, we have disagreements, but now you can snatch a phrase from my previous interviews and to make a sensation. This is more of a provocation. I repeat: we are now Dmitry can come to amicable agreement. My wife and daughter just want to see my grandson,” he said.
But Dmitry skeptical about peace with the relatives of Jeanne. The journalists managed to contact Shepelev, and TV presenter said that his lawyer nor father, nor mother, nor sister, Joan didn’t.
“I think this is another manipulation in the style of our opponents” — said Dmitry.

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