Father Zhanna Friske decided on a sensational confession

Отец Жанны Фриске решился на сенсационное признание
Father of Jeanne Friske all bogged down in lawsuits, simultaneously making a sensational recognition.

Отец Жанны Фриске решился на сенсационное признание

Immediately after it became known that under the claim of Rusfond court arrests accounts belonging to his family, Mr B. lodged a counterclaim to Respond with a demand to terminate the contract, in which Joan transferred the money for treatment.

He motivates his claim that the signature on the contract is a fake and does not belong to Jeanne. Vladimir Borisovich didn’t even bother to make graphological examination which is supposedly confirmed, but what does it change?

Vladimir Borisovich says that at the time Jeanne saw nothing and put a signature could not. However, at the same time, she somehow signed the Authorization for the use of the money to his mother, but this signature Friske no complaints.

Отец Жанны Фриске решился на сенсационное признание

Suppose that Joan really did not sign the Treaty because of their condition, but who did it then? Dmitry Shepelev?

If Yes, then the family of Jeanne could not know and not refused, they from the money and publicly thanked everyone who helped her raise the funds for treatment. So, they were not against the fact that she transferred the millions, and they were all the same, who would put the signature under the contract for the sick Joan.

So if now they believe that the crime was committed and the signature was forged, it means that they then entered into a criminal conspiracy with those who have the signature set. It’s from the soul he borrowed the money, and when it came time for payback, then suddenly remembered about this violation.

In General, everything he says and does Vladimir Friske is so illogical, that sometimes it seems like the man lost his mind.

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