Отец Жанны Фриске обратился в прокуратуру с заявлением на пранкеров Вована и Лексуса

The father of the deceased singer Vladimir Kopylov appealed to the Prosecutor’s office demanding to bring to justice the culprit of the existence and Lexus, who played it, calling on behalf of civil of his daughter’s husband Dmitry Shepelev, with whom the family of the singer and without natantia relationship.

The family’s lawyer Friske said that they are not going to ignore the invasion of their privacy. As it turned out, the telegram that the family of Jeanne categorically opposed to the channel put a program on the air, broadcasters received a telegram two days before the show aired.
“They had more than enough time to meet our request,” said a spokeswoman for the family.

The conversation was not only broadcast, but also put on public discussion. The conversation between the former President and Vladimir Borisovich became the basis for many articles and discussions.
“In the U.S., for example, for this threatens not only the penalty, but a decent time,” said the lawyer.

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