«Отец, значит ты мужчина!» Урганту досталось за уход из семьи
In the First channel sounded a joke “on the verge”.

Ivan Urgant grew up with her mother and stepfather. His father Andrey Urgant left the family when the future star First channel was three years old. Despite the fact that the mother of Ivan — St. Petersburg actress Valery Kiselyov, after parting with her first husband remarried and lived in the atmosphere of a family idyll, Urgant still can not forgive his father for his departure.

Recently in the program “Evening Urgant” Ivan made a cruel joke about his dad. In response to a comment by a guest program of Aglaia Tarasova that real men have the ability “to turn around and leave”, Urgant asked the father: “father, you’re the man!” Aglaia and her bofriend Milos Bikovich this joke frankly confused. The actors even made the remark to Ivan, they say, it’s not very nice to his 61-year-old father. “A sad joke? This is my life!” — said a leading.

The wife of Andrei Urgant explained why her husband stopped communicating with her son

Meanwhile, it is known that Ivan maintains friendly relations with the father. However, their meeting is very rare. They each have their own families and tight schedules. Rumor has it that now the relationship of the stars with his father cooled off a bit due to the current young passion of Andrei Lvovich, but they do this information is not confirmed. According to their version, the reason for rare meetings in the absence of free time.