Father was “drunk” the boy was accused of excessive attention to the cause

Отца «пьяного» мальчика обвинили в излишнем внимании к делу Lawyer Nazar Nazarov expressed a bold assumption. According to human rights activist, Roman Shimko afraid of test, after which his second son can take the family. The human rights activist believes that the man unjustly accuses expert Michael kleimenova.
Отца «пьяного» мальчика обвинили в излишнем внимании к делу

For several months, the society discusses the case of “drunk” of the boy. Six-year-old Alesha Shimko died under the wheels of the car, playing in the yard of a house in Balashikha. Examination showed that the baby’s blood was discovered to 2.7 ppm of alcohol. The baby’s father trying to get justice. In the case of the death of the “drunken” toddler appeared unexpected details

The Studio program “Let them talk” came Mikhail Kleymenov. That’s his signature on the conclusion of conducted by experts. The man said that he is now under pressure from companies. Some people accuse him of fraud, however, according to him, it is no one for no reason.

“Why should I be a social outcast for no good reason?” the expert stated.
Отца «пьяного» мальчика обвинили в излишнем внимании к делу

He brought to the Studio log, where statistics were presented – out of 365 in 50 child deaths the reason is the concentration of alcohol in the blood. Michael stressed that Alyosha Shimko could drink alcoholic cocktail.

“We need to speak from the perspective of mathematics, based on its weight, is determined by the concentration,” said Kleimenov.

After these words the experts in the Studio began to doubt the words of the Roman Shimko, who insisted that the boy could not try the spirits. A suspect in the death of “drunken” boy Olga beneficial revealed new details

“No secrets and professional misunderstanding there, I was hoping that Michael would come to repent and to tell what it really is. We will see another round of beautiful sets of phrases scientifically proven to an unprepared audience, the magazine appeared. Every word is nonsense. I got acquainted with other opinions. He is ignorant, he doesn’t know basic things, on his conscience a few people planted no,” the accused kleimenova coroner Victor Kolkutin.

Отца «пьяного» мальчика обвинили в излишнем внимании к делу

In Studio “Let speak” there was a Roman Shimko, who wondered why Michael talks about the acetaldehyde, if it is not found. Also the man asked the question, why in the course of the examination, which lasted four days, has changed her number. The father of the deceased child remembered about the errors that were made by specialist over the years of its work.

“Your 46 error do not interest me, – said Kleimenov. – You’re the expert now more than I an expert? I have certifications, I work a lot”.

Отца «пьяного» мальчика обвинили в излишнем внимании к делу

Behind Michael stood up lawyer and human rights activist Nazar Nazarov. It seemed to the man that the novel “PR” on the death of his son. The whole Studio was shocked by these words that are considered unacceptable and disrespectful to parents, in the family which occurred on the mountain.

“I apologize that I am on the emotions broke and, you know, as I expressed condolences on the last transmission, excuse me,” said Nazar.

However, Nazarov believes that the novel specifically draws attention to this story. In his opinion, the man is just afraid that the testing will begin, which will take away from him the second son. Leading talk show Dmitry Borisov said that in tomorrow’s edition of the program will appear the grandfather of the deceased Alyosha, as well as sister Olga Alisovoy, which was hit by the boy.