Отца Таты Бондарчук обвиняют в избиении спортсменки The scandal erupted at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Lost in the fight for the bronze medal Inna Trazhukova argues that Mikhail Mamiashvili repeatedly struck her in the face. Athlete intends to address in office of public Prosecutor with the complaint.

      Отца Таты Бондарчук обвиняют в избиении спортсменки

      Who could not resist her opponent from Poland, the representative of the Russian national Team, a fighter Inna Trazhukova who took fourth place in wrestling, he accused the head of the Federation Mikhail Mamiashvili that he raised a hand to her. Olympics 2016: memorable than the first week of Games

      Inna Trazhukova told reporters about the incident.

      “Took the bronze medal bout, which I lost,” he told media representatives covering the Olympic games Trazhukova. – At the end of the competition I met the President of Federation Mikhail Mamiashvili drunk. He was verbally abusive, rude and hit me twice in the face. All this happened in front of witnesses. I’m not in bondage to because of lost the battle so to me! I was humiliated in public. I want to stop that in the future it does not suffer athletes!”

      Trazhukova added that on returning to Russia she intends to appeal to Prosecutor’s office. In addition, the athlete is prepared to discuss with the Minister Vitaly Mutko.

      As for the main sports official of the country, he has already stated that it will listen to Inna Trjukovoe. But the father of Tata Bondarchuk, which is very touching about his wife, daughters and granddaughters and has a reputation as a great family man, totally intolerant of those who are lost.

      Отца Таты Бондарчук обвиняют в избиении спортсменки

      So, Mikhail Mamiashvili earlier, on 18 August, criticized Russia Natalia Vorobyeva and Valeria Koblova, who won the silver medal in freestyle wrestling at the Olympics, calling them nobodies. Equally inflexible and categorical Mamiashvili in relation Trazhukova. In comments to the press, he admitted that he was harshly treated with the athlete, but at the same time, he believes that he has no right to forgive the apathy coming out to the ring to fight for the medals.

      “Inna performed a weak-willed, mediocre, said in an interview with “Sport Express” Mikhail Mamiashvili. In an interview after such a struggle was present a hard saying. She is an athlete and is responsible for the result! We will deal with the situation. The conversation was really hard. It is obliged to act adequately. A man comes out and just doesn’t want to fight, “gives” medal rival. Coach Trazhukova was on the street in hysterics, and I went to calm him down”.

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