Father Stas Piekha returned to Russia for the sake of it

Отец Стаса Пьехи вернулся в Россию ради него About a week ago had a conversation of the artist with his dad. Petras Gerulis attended a concert of the heir, which was held in Nizhny Novgorod. In one of the shows, the man said that he didn’t tell the young man.

      Отец Стаса Пьехи вернулся в Россию ради него

      The relationship of singer Stas Pieha with the native father Petras Heroism is hardly ideal. The man was able to communicate with his son only a few times in a lifetime. After the birth of the Stas in the family his parents came disorder. Petras Gerulis and Ilona Bronevitskaya ended the relationship, despite the fact that they have growing child. Biological dad Stas arrived in Russia this year, especially to see a young man. In ether one of the TV programs Petras remembered his relationship with her daughter Edita.

      “I put my graduate work in the theatre in Kursk. Then she came and told me that our family bowl is cracked,” explained Petras.
      Отец Стаса Пьехи вернулся в Россию ради него

      According to the biological father Stas, Ilona even forbade him to accompany the boy for the first time in school. As admitted by the man at birth the boy was given his name, but then changed to “Peha”.

      The long awaited meeting between father and son was at a concert of Stas in Nizhny Novgorod. The musician said from the stage in the hall is his relative. According to the actor, his mom told him before the show that one of the spectators was the Petras Gerulis. In the social network, the singer posted a picture with dad. Stas Peha reunited with his father

      In the caption to the picture, the musician told a story about the previous meeting with Petras, which occurred in 1994. “The weather was warm, Sunny, and I happily went on a journey by train in the morning I go out… Look Professor, in costume, with a beard and glasses… and simply did Not immediately recognize, in the photo he was younger and slimmer, came to the platform – I talked. Since 23 years have passed… Today he came to my concert, listened attentively, and could not hide his joy… Gave my original disc (in Lithuanian) and one asked anyone to listen not to give, so Sori. P. S. so Many years have passed, and the Professor himself does not change, suit, beard and glasses… the Creative intelligentsia of Europe”, – said Stas.

      Some of the guests of the program in which participated the father of the star, expressed the opinion that the young man remembered only the negative aspects in dealing with the relative. A number of people condemned Peha because he is not helping dad.

      In the Studio “live” Petras shared his impressions of the meeting with the heir. Many of the words he managed to tell his son in person, as he saw how the guy’s tired from the show. He spoke to him from the TV screen.

      “I’ve been waiting for this moment. After the concert, I went to the dressing room. He was exhausted. I said to him, take care of yourself. All money will not earn, I don’t know, maybe I deserved to be so for his son. Stasenka, think about what you say and don’t always say what I think,” said Gerulis.