Father, “Prince street” told about requirements ex-wife

Отец «уличного принца» рассказал о требованиях бывшей супруги The story of 10-year-old Oscar, who was reciting “hamlet” in the heart of the capital, caused a public outcry. The child was detained on Arbat street by the police this spring. Student lives with his father Elias and stepmother Christine. Wife Skowronski revealed unknown details of what happened in the program “really”.
Отец «уличного принца» рассказал о требованиях бывшей супруги

Elias and Kristina Skowronski visited the talk show “really” Dmitry Shepelev. The father and stepmother of Oscar, who was detained by police in the Arbat for a poetry reading, I decided to prove to the public that they were not forcing the son to begging. According to them, the child liked to read poetry in places of a mass congestion of tourists. Parents also said that against the backdrop of this scandal, the biological mother who abandoned the boy at six months old age, now trying to take the child from his father. Christina candidly answered questions, tested on a lie detector.

“Oscar went to a new school and was embarrassed classmates reading the verses in a public place, he struggled with his phobia,” explained Christine.
Отец «уличного принца» рассказал о требованиях бывшей супруги

The stepmother said that the student wanted to buy yourself a guitar. Besides this, Oscar himself was always initiated street protests. According to Christina, he loved to gather a crowd and recite poetry. The woman claimed that has always been near the boy at a distance of five meters. The detector showed that it was true.

Family “street Prince” was justified at the begging of the son in the center of Moscow

“The child received money for his hobby?” – then asked the moderator of the talk show. The heroine replied that, Yes, I did. The little reader was often approached by passers-by, gave candy, coins from different countries. Christine added that Oscar always came to all the public performances with your favorite bag and put it in front of him, so he was trying to save up for something, for example, to buy a flashlight or to treat parents cake. When the boy approached the police, she didn’t notice it because of the crowd of musicians on the Arbat. According to the woman, pushed her away, law enforcement officials, and she did not have time to explain. Then she took out his mobile phone and started capturing what is happening.

“He was hysterical, he said he wants to go home,” said the stepmother in the Studio talk show.
Отец «уличного принца» рассказал о требованиях бывшей супруги

The father of Oscar Elias Skowronski told the experts in the Studio, Christine and son often waited for him after work, walking through the center. Once the student had a desire to read poetry in public. The head of the family even named the date of the first performance of the child in a public place – may 26, 2015. “It is attracted. Goes and does what he knows and what he does,” said Elias.

The father admitted that several times she was beaten Oscar belt. “I am very sorry that it did. He stole the money,” he justified Skavronski.

According to Elias, then, the biological mother of the boy started to say that he wants to take the child, although about ten years ago stated the opposite: “You wanted him, now take him and educate!”.

“She’s terribly jealous that Oscar attached to Christine,” – said the boy’s father.

Family Skowronski preparing for a new trial. Kristina told in the Studio that she opened two criminal cases. Experts talk show agreed that the father was more outspoken than her stepmother. And, as shown by the lie detector, both parents forced the young reader to begging.