Отец Юлии Волковой представил ей вторую дочь The artist first saw a female. On the set of “Secret in-a-million” Yulia Volkova said that she had to move in recent years, and also got to hug a sister who lives in another country.
Отец Юлии Волковой представил ей вторую дочь

In the coming weekend on the NTV channel will show the episode “million dollar Secret” with Yulia Volkova. Ex-member of the popular group t.A.T.u openly said Lera Kudryavtseva about family relationships and about how she overcame cancer.

Bold brunette is now difficult to see a schoolgirl in a plaid skirt from the controversial Duo. According to Volkova, she had to go through a lot in this life. A few years ago, the doctors gave the actress about the terrible diagnosis – a malignant tumor of the thyroid gland. Julia Volkova feels the support, opening the truth about cancer

“The last leaf, the first stage of papillary cancer. The thyroid was removed along with the tumor. The doctors threw up their hands and said, “We can’t do anything, a voice cut the nerve,” said Volkov.
Отец Юлии Волковой представил ей вторую дочь

Julia struggled trying to regain his voice, although doctors didn’t believe that was possible. She underwent another surgery from a highly qualified specialist, after which she began to relearn how to talk.

Moreover, the transfer of the Yulia first became acquainted with my sister on my father’s side. Relative lives in Germany, so previously women were never able to meet.

“We have not been conditioned that we need to communicate, we didn’t call each other neither birthdays, nor holidays,” said Julia.

On the filming of the program was also attended by father Volkova, Oleg. Parent of ex-member of popular Duo publicly asked forgiveness from his daughter.

Lera Kudryavtseva also learned some details about his personal life Volkova. It turned out that the actress has never been married, and the fathers of her children is not paying child support. We will remind, a star older daughter Victoria and son Samir. At the moment Julia is happy in the relationship with the chosen one, which she prefers not to tell the public.

“For some, he may be bad, but for me – good”, – says the actress about another human being.

We will remind, some time ago it was rumored that Volkov meets with the kingpin Giorgi Zarandia, who is suspected in burglaries and robberies, as well as the violation of immigration laws. The singer never told the fans about the chosen one, only occasionally teasing followers of the microblog shots on which you could see the man only in part.