Отец подозреваемого в убийстве блогера Думкина отрицает вину сына The actor of the series “Interns” has answered questions of journalists. Sergei Makarov refused to talk about the events of the fateful night, but said he did not consider Korney killer. At the same time friends of the young man said that the conflict occurred not because of the unusual way Stas Dumkina.
Отец подозреваемого в убийстве блогера Думкина отрицает вину сына

Death 29-the summer Petersburger Stas Dumkina, which occurred a week after his beating in the capital’s Gorky Park, caused a huge public resonance. Many are outraged by the tyranny of bullies who, as reported by journalists, showed the young man the claim because of his appearance.

According to information published in the media, the suspect in the attack on the blogger is a 22-year-old Roots Makarov, the son of the actor of the series “Interns”. As has informed the correspondent a source in law enforcement bodies, the young man still did not appear in IC, so he was declared wanted.

The journalists decided to contact the father Korney Makarov Sergey. The man spoke for the first time about the tragedy. The actor, who played in “the Internship” the role of a doctor in the admissions Department Gennady Petrovich, complained of health problems. “Sorry, I feel bad,” – said the actor. He also said that so far not received reports from law enforcement officers.

“I checked the mailbox. The agenda on interrogation did not bring neither me nor my son and he is registered. I don’t see what someone is looking for”, – said Makarov-senior.

The actor claims that, if necessary, his son will testify. Now Makarov Jr. is not home. “But it was recently. If the agenda, he will appear where it is necessary,” said the man.

During the conversation with reporters Makarov Sr. also refused to answer questions about that fateful night when attacked Dumkina. The suspect’s father believes that his son could provoke. The man does not believe that Roots are able to kill another person.

“Perhaps we will speak in the coming days and discuss it with the lawyer. I know one thing: my son didn’t have anybody to kill, could not beat to death. You too, who knows Korney. There could be a provocation. That’s all I can say,” said the actor.
Отец подозреваемого в убийстве блогера Думкина отрицает вину сына

Neighbors Makarov say that the Roots of the middle child. 22-year-old paratrooper produced on others a positive impression. They say that the young man did not appear in public in a state of alcoholic intoxication and seemed serious, well-mannered guy.

Meanwhile, friends of Korney Makarov argue that the conflict could be not the appearance of Stas Damkina, and his refusal to join the actor’s son. Friends of the suspect in the attack on the blogger stated that the three of them drank on a bench in Gorky Park. Roots suddenly decided to invite in the company of two passers-by. Those ignored the invitation, which aroused the indignation of the friends Makarov.

Guide Gorky Park clarify the circumstances of the death of 25-year-old blogger

Each Korney Denis said that hat and glasses he took off, not his buddy, as written in the media. According to friends Makarov, the one with Duminy went behind the coffee house, and they saw no further development of the conflict. Passerby Andrew said that both guys looked very tense.

“The one that went ahead, he was wearing a gray shirt and gray jeans, he turned to what was also wearing a gray t-shirt and denim shorts. No hats, no glasses not one was not. The one that turned around, first pushed the opponent and then struck him two blows. Skipping beats, man formation fell on the asphalt, and the assailant walked rapidly away. (…) The sound of hitting the head on the asphalt of the fallen was like the sound of falling watermelon – so terrible and loud that all around cried the girl,” he said.

Another witness told Ivan that helped a friend Stas to delay the company Korney. “I picked them up, and we did not allow them to leave until my girlfriend is from a cafe called the Park security. The call came two guards that no action was taken and did not know what to do,” he said. After some time came the police. “We all went in OVD “Yakimanka” where these three wrote “administrativku” and released,” recalled Ivan.

Based on the materials of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” and “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.