Father of Serena Williams divorces young wife

Отец Серены Уильямс разводится с молодой женой

75-year-old Richard Williams, father and coach of the first racket of the world Serena Williams and her sister Venus, divorcing his 38-year-old wife Lakeisha. The initiator of the divorce became the man, claiming that his wife was stealing his social security checks.

In addition, the pensioner claims that their Lakeisha five year old son is in danger, because his mother “is in connection with the criminals,” abuse alcohol and owns an unregistered firearm.
The woman’s lawyer sandy Becher calls the husband charges his client “false, malicious and fabricated”, so that they will be denied at the first court hearing. The reason for this attack on Richard is supposedly a man’s desire not to pay child support and financial provision to the wife.
Mr. Williams was married twice. The mother of Serena and Venus Orana Price, filed for divorce in 2002, accusing her husband of domestic violence. In 2016, Richard suffered a stroke, but despite the difficult condition, refused hospitalization.