Father of Olga Buzova showed naked pictures daughter

Отец Ольги Бузовой показал фото обнаженной дочери Igor D. published in Instagram pictures of two children. Olga and Anna Buzova appear in the frames in light summer suits. And in one picture the girls and all depicted Topless.
Отец Ольги Бузовой показал фото обнаженной дочери

Igor Dmitriyevich Buzov was decided to recall the childhood of two daughters – Olga and Anna. Male published online pictures with guests. The footage from the past girls posing in bathing suits and light summer suits.

Отец Ольги Бузовой показал фото обнаженной дочери“Here are my cuties – Olga, Annie. Now let’s go on a ride, where everything – the floor, the ceiling, buzzing, shaking. Complete loss of spatial orientation. Ouro: “Daughter, hold on!” I there crashed to the floor, and my daughters liked it. Olya, Anya, remember this wisdom. And then went to ride the carousel. No, I’ll pass”, – shared memories Buzov was under the.
Отец Ольги Бузовой показал фото обнаженной дочери

Also the man released the on the beach, where the rest of the girls. It Olga and Anna trying to pose for the photographer. Fans noticed that the presenter in childhood is much slimmer sister.

“Daddy’s daughter”, signed the Igor Dmitrievich.

Fans of father celebrities have reacted to rare footage. “It was Olga Buzova since birth!”, “Olya model! Figure already then great! Legs from the ears!”, “It is evident that slim girl”, “Beauty”, “Very nice photo”, “Olga the same. And Anya lost weight since then,” said the Network users.

Kim’s father Igor Artamonov does not consider himself a public person, not like to give interviews. But sometimes he spoils fans with photos of his beloved daughter on Instagram. In early February, to benefit daughter Buzov was made an exception, the man decided to meet with journalists in Saint-Petersburg. Olga Buzova started crying, talking about separation from father

“I have two daughters, both I am proud. This is my blood, both beautiful. Well, while Jane has achieved great success. From Ira’s, mom’s, she probably has the rigidity and determination, and from me kindness, – said Igor Buzov was. – I don’t feel like a father although she really is a celebrity. I remember in 10th grade Olya she got a job as a model, the parents did not know. On the “House-2″ I sent my daughter to three months. I was the first of the parents, who appeared on the project. Remember that Olga was stunned and all the girls were sitting with round eyes”.

Olga almost in tears listening to the story of his father. She told that parents are long divorced, and Igor Dmitrievich has a new family. “Fortunately, mom and dad have kept a great relationship. And all my victories, performances, plays, concerts, they always come together. Of course, I really miss dad. With my mother we became much closer, she always will understand me. The Pope is a little bit different life, but of course I miss him. Not enough father, ‘ said the TV presenter burst into tears. – Anya grew into a stunning family, parents did everything to ensure we were happy.”