Father of Michael Jackson hospitalized

Отец Майкла Джексона госпитализирован

87-year-old father of five creative the famous “Jackson Five” days was in the hospital.

The reason for the hospitalization of the father of Michael and Janet Jackson became viral disease, and as a result of high temperature.

As told the press the son of Joe Jackson Jarman, the father became ill on the the doctor’s appointment. So the decision was made on his admission.

“The news that we get, disappointing. He was just tired. He was 87 years old. We try to help him as much as we can”, said Jermaine, adding that despite not feeling the best, dad manages to joke.

Note that last year Joe Jackson also was in the hospital. It was in Sao Paolo, Brazil. In the medical facility, Joe was taken with a mini-heart attack on the day of his birth.

I hope Joe will be okay, because there will be an important and joyful event. His 50-year-old daughter Janet in a short time, for the first time will become a mother. Support of the father with such a time is especially valuable and enjoyable.

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