Father of Marina Afrikantov seriously ill

Отец Марины Африкантовой серьезно болен The star of “House-2” has addressed to fans for help. Marina Afrikantov looking for professionals who will help her dad recover. Alexander Mikhailovich’s already a few days in the hospital. Doctors made it the diagnosis – neuritis of the facial nerve.

      The father of one of the most prominent member of the reality show “Dom-2” Marina Afrikantov was in the hospital. First, the 63-year-old man suspected minor stroke, but later this diagnosis was not confirmed. Based on the symptoms, doctors came to the conclusion that their patient neuritis of the facial nerve.

      About the status of the wife of Alexander Mikhailovich in microblog said the mother of Marina Afrikantov Tatiana. The woman drew a depressing picture. “A person lost their original appearance, one half is different from the other, the right side and hangs down, the left some too, not like that. Somehow he immediately wilted and dramatically aged. He is also scared, he said that the recovery will be long and who knows and what will be! Tell him also difficult, as one half of the ear,” wrote Tatiana Afrikantov. Mother of Marina Afrikantov not able to protect her daughter from bullying in the “House-2”

      Marina Afrikantov very worried about the state of her beloved dad and trying to find a good specialist for rehabilitation. And the process of recovery, Alexander will, apparently, long. The star of “House-2” has asked for help and advice to his many followers in Instagram.

      “Guys, my dad is now in hospital. He has paresis of the trigeminal nerve or necrosis of the facial nerve, very similar symptoms to a stroke, but the doctors say no. Advised physical therapy and acupuncture. Anyone familiar with these symptoms?”, – posted by Marina Afrikantov.

      Fans of the girls immediately responded to her request. Someone gave advice, and someone turned with words of support and wishes for a speedy recovery to Alexander. “Marisha, I feel the need to treat, I have eye closed for 2 months, cut the complex, and then it passed, but for an accurate diagnosis, I remember, had an MRI of the head,” “God grant him good health and long life, him a speedy recovery,” “Marina, you have a very good dad, him a speedy recovery!”, “In my dad was. Physical therapy and medications. Passed all without a trace. Take care of dad, Marinochka! I didn’t save…” – write Africanoboi followers.

      Marina Afrikantov, apparently, determined. She intends to fight for her father’s health and is ready to attach to the process of its rehabilitation effort.