Father of Marina Afrikantov saved alternative medicine

Отца Марины Африкантовой спасла нетрадиционная медицина A relative of the participant “Houses-2” has passed the course of treatment. Previously, the doctors gave Alexander a diagnosis of neuritis of the facial nerve. The whole family Afrikanovich very worried about his health and tried all ways to help a loved one.

      A few months ago, the family of the participant reality show “House-2” Marina Afrikantov faced with serious problems. The girl’s dad got sick. The doctors did disappointing forecasts about its condition. As reported by experts, the man was diagnosed with neuritis of the facial nerve. At first, doctors scared Afrikanovich the news that Alexis suffered a minor heart attack. Fortunately, such conclusions were erroneous.

      Then Marina’s mother Tatyana Vladimirovna didn’t even know what to do, because the disease progressed. “A person lost their original appearance, one half is different from the other, the right side and hangs down, the left some too, not like that. Somehow he immediately wilted and dramatically aged. He is also scared, he said that the recovery will be long and who knows and what will be! To talk to him too difficult, since one half of the face is frozen,” said the woman in the microblog.

      Within a few weeks Alexis had been treated at the hospital. Neurologists have put maximum effort to restore mobility to the muscles. Due to the special procedures, the elderly man became much better. Marina shared on Instagram a snapshot with his father and told how he feels.

      “Who didn’t know, I’m a daddy’s girl, dad’s favorite. He has fully recovered, the result is recovered by acupuncture. Thanks for your tips, they really helped us,” said Afrikantov.

      In the comments to the post netizens have written that the girl is really very similar to his father some facial features and was glad that Alexis was well. “Very well dad looks even younger, I think”, “the health of the Pope, it is clear that he is a very kind and decent man, you best!” “Father – the Golden man! Patient!” noted followers.

      Some viewers and subscribers microblog Marina Afrikantov noted that her mom sometimes behaves quite dramatically, thereby shaming the family honor. Recently Tatiana was involved in a scandal with another former member of telestroke Irina Agibalova. Women will resolve their differences through the courts. Agibalova about the scandal with Africanoboi: “She needs to be treated”