Отец Марины Африкантовой чудом остался жив
Some time ago, the family of the participants of the popular TV project “Dom-2” Marina Afrikantov almost happened tragedy.

Отец Марины Африкантовой чудом остался жив

Recently the father of Marina in critical condition was placed in intensive care. At this time the girl was at the shooting, so the incident was learned from family and from fans online.

Отец Марины Африкантовой чудом остался жив

“Dad hates doctors almost never go to the hospital. Have always led a healthy lifestyle, and had no problems. On that fateful night he abruptly became bad: the pulse is jumped to 152 beats per minute, he blushed. Mom called the ambulance: doctors gave my father the pills and made a shot, however, from hospitalization, he refused. Later, dad got worse. The second time the ambulance was traveling four hours! Dad was in ICU and the doctor said that he was on the verge of death. If delayed further, the situation would be tragic. Glad I caught you. My dad had arrhythmia — the heart was restored with the help of a special apparatus. He stayed in intensive care for about a week,” said Afrikantov.

Father of Marina 64 years, so she is very worried about his health, but to meet with the parent rarely obtained.

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