Father of Jennifer Lopez bequeathed his property to Church of Scientology

Отец Дженнифер Лопес завещал своё имущество  сайентологической церкви

Thirty years of his life gave David Lopez, father of the famous American singer and actress Jennifer Lopez Scientology Church. Family man all these years has suffered, that their welfare, and hundreds of thousands of dollars went to religious passions of men, but now they’re just shocked: the old man bequeathed all their belongings back-breaking labor in his entire life, to give to the Church.

In an exclusive interview with RadarOnline, the man confessed that he spent a lot of money on special courses at the Church, which was to become superpowers.
“At first I was very scared. I had no idea about many things to which I was devoted. For example, I don’t know how you can come to “cleanse”, or how to make your reactive brain, to accelerate consciousness. Soon the fear gave way to curiosity and courage. I wanted to do this for myself, for my personal power, to learn what I’m capable of” — vaguely described their experience with 72-year-old man.
Recall that the relatives of the sects complain that the Church requires its parishioners to leave a legacy of religious organizations, not the relatives, especially if the latter do not share the fascination with Scientology. However, the official representation of the Church of Scientology have denied this, insisting that all the victims voluntary.
Relatives David said that in Pasadena it was a house worth a million dollars, but financial problems due to the strange “courses superpowers” forced him to sell it and move to a shack on the outskirts of town to house his current wife, Carla Padilla.