Father of Jeanne Friske protested the decision of the court

Отец Жанны Фриске возмутился решению суда

It’s been a week since the day when the court sided with the charity Fund “Rusfond” in a dispute with the parents of the deceased singer Zhanna Friske. Now the parents of the deceased and her infant son Plato as pravonaslednikom, shall return to the Fund more than 20 million rubles. Dmitry Shepelev, the boy’s father, has said he does not agree with the fact that his child who has not received a penny of the inheritance of his mother, got her a huge debt. On the other hand, he’s glad the court showed that those responsible for the loss of money that parents of Jeanne, but he is not, as claimed by Vladimir and Olga.

Vladimir Borisovich considers the decision of the court a legal outrage, and the judge corrupt, which did not consider the checks provided by their lawyer. According to the father of Jeanne, now everyone who collected money for the treatment close, is doomed not only to bury a relative, but going to jail because of the “greedy funds/respondo”.
“If the hospital will give the patient reference checks, and they will not accept such a “Rusfond” and Cooper court, then you wait years hopeless prison term” — outraged Vladimir Borisovich. Kopylov and resents the fact that the contract with the Fund has a “commercial character” and not so charitable, as it seemed at first.
“That is not donated (donation – senior 572-582 of the civil code), as the judge said Savostyanov, S. V., and mixed! Not a contract of donation money from sick people (donators), and commercial and has obligations! How many need to suffer for these humans showed what they have already given? And checks, and receipts in the third round! I was overwhelmed with emotions. It turned out that as soon as the court has brought supporting documents, they are not immediately recognized! And who?! “Rusfond”! But the judge did not explain why he does not accept the documents” is emotionally expressed Kopylov. According to him, the Foundation had an illegal agreement with the judge, because Rusfond for unknown reasons seized records last court hearing, during which lawyers Kopylov “broke all cheap claims lawyers, “Rusfond”, and most importantly shed light on this matter with the alleged waste of family money”.
“Money was and is the “Rusfond”, a report was made by Zhanna Friske during his lifetime. However, unscrupulous organization “Rusfond” who stole 400 million rubles, decided to put the squeeze on relatives Friske” — said Vladimir.