Father of Jeanne Friske has accused her attorney in the theft of 2.7 million rubles

Отец Жанны Фриске обвинил своего адвоката  в краже 2,7 миллиона рублей

Vladimir Kopylov, the father of Jeanne Friske, the victims in the theft of 2.7 million rubles, and collusion with the attorney of his failed son Dmitry Shepelev. According to the singer’s father, his lawyer Sergei Thunderstorm deliberately lost the case of custody of a young son of Jeanne of Plato.

Legal services in the amount of 2.7 million rubles Kopylov paid in full and was sure to win the case, but it all went wrong. Vladimir says that the Storm promised to “expose” the civil husband of Jeanne and father of her only son, as well as charitable Fund Rusfond, which nearly deprived the parents of the singer of shelter. Vladimir was sure that the lawyer will be able to convince the court to leave Plato was not his natural father and his grandparents.
To pay a lawyer, my sister Jeanne Natalia had to sell your car, but it was not enough – the lawyer demanded more money. When Vladimir refused to pay more than previously agreed amount, Storm lost.
“I was told that he sang with a lawyer Shepeleva and my case never fought. In the end, we were given to chat with the grandson of a miserable hour and a half a month, and initially, the Storm promised to return the custody of Plato” — said Vladimir.
Now Kopylov accused lawyer in the theft of 2.7 million rubles, and demands to return them. or at least half. On inquiry, he learned that in this way the lawyer acted with their other clients and now he wants to deprive him of his license.
Contact a lawyer, the journalists failed. Calling the number left by Vladimir, a man’s voice asked the subject of conversation, and then said that is not a Sergei Storm, and therefore to comment on the situation will not