Father of Jeanne Friske commented on the involvement of his family by stealing money “Rusfond”

Отец Жанны Фриске прокомментировал причастность своей семьи к краже денег «Русфонда»

Yesterday, 26 April, Dmitry Shepelev, Dmitry Dobrovinsky’s lawyer, confirmed the information spread in the media that the case of the missing 20 million rubles from the account of “Responde”, which was intended Zhanna Friske involved in her mother Olga Kopylova.

Today the father of the singer commented on the information, noting that the money “Rusfond” his wife has nothing, and “some paperwork”, which said Dobrovinsky, we are talking about personal savings of the family. Vladimir Kopylov says that the power of attorney to manage accounts Friske was decorated by her mother long before the action “Rusfond”.

What kind of attorney do? Which my daughter gave in December 2013? And money, “Rusfond” were transferred after a year. As in these accounts could be money, “Rusfond”? It’s all ordinary lime!— said Vladimir Borisovich.

Moreover, defending himself from attacks of journalists, father Friske again mentioned the man whom he considers guilty of all the troubles of his family. Kopylov recommended to pay more attention to his frustrated son-in-law Dmitry Shepelev. According to Vladimir Borisovich, the showman behind the missing money, “Rusfond”:I can say that money is “Rusfond” not stolen, we didn’t steal it, they’re all spent on the treatment. About those 20 million can not even speak! Need to find the money Shepelev moved to Los Angeles. When Joan was no longer transportable, he took her to America, but there is not treated. What was he doing there? Jeanne told me that we signed some papers. What kind of paper, nobody knows. But I know that there have transferred a lot of money using the “Rusfond”.


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