Отец Жанны Фриске озвучил шокирующие подробности ее ухода
Vladimir Friske shared the most secret with Leroy Kudryavtseva.

Отец Жанны Фриске озвучил шокирующие подробности ее ухода

This Saturday guest of Studio “the Secret to a million” will be Vladimir
Friske. NTV father popular singer Zhanna Friske will be decided on
confession: he remembers about the last days of his daughter, the “cold war” with its
civil husband Dmitry Shepelev and will reveal the secrets huge
financial conflict that arose around a million
“Rusfond” gathered on the treatment of Jeanne.

Zhanna Friske became 15 June 2015.
B. remember, as he left his famous daughter. He frankly
will tell, as Joan struggled with a terrible diagnosis to the last
breath believed in a miracle. For the first time
heartbroken father will announce to the whole country the last words of his beloved

Отец Жанны Фриске озвучил шокирующие подробности ее ухода

conflict Vladimir Friske and Dmitry Shepelev was watched by all country.
Why Dmitry Shepelev is not happy fellowship of the son with the grandparents? Remember
whether 4-year-old Plato about mom? And what
the secrets he tells to Santa, while my dad can’t hear?
Vladimir Borisovich — frankly about Dmitry Shepelev: how did he know that
civil husband of the daughter earns disease Zhanna? Why doubt
in his fatherhood? And what Vladimir Friske revenge cancelled-in-law?

father Zhanna Friske for the first time openly answer the accusations of theft. It
ready to account for every penny spent on treatment of his daughter and
to tell, in whose pockets have settled
tens of millions of rubles.

“For me, this is the toughest program,” admitted leading Lera Kudryavtseva, barely holding back tears.