Father Michael Jackson died two days after the anniversary of the death of his son

Отец Майкла Джексона умер через два дня после годовщины смерти сына The man died at the age of 89 years. Joe Jackson for many years struggled with cancer. The man had anticipated his departure, and in one of the last posts on the social network admitted that he is not afraid to die.
Отец Майкла Джексона умер через два дня после годовщины смерти сына

Tragic news reported by Western media – the death of the father of the legendary singer. For many years Joe Jackson struggled with cancer. A few weeks ago an elderly man was hospitalized with stage four pancreatic cancer, and today, two days after the ninth anniversary of the death of the king of pop, he was gone.

According to the children, Joe is no secret that health is deteriorating every minute, and, it seemed, was ready to say goodbye to life.

“I have seen more sunsets than I should have. The sun rises, when the time comes and you like it or not, it sits, when the time comes” – shared male thoughts before death.

It is worth noting that Joe Jackson did to his son Michael a star. At first it was produced by the staff of the Jackson Five, which included his children Jackie, Tito and Germain, and later ran his own record label, Ivory Tower International records. After Michael went solo, the father became responsible for his promotion. Relatives quite often there were conflicts, and many fans blamed Joe Jackson that he had broken his son’s life, giving the fact undue pressure. Besides, the famous singer in his interview has admitted that the Pope had raised his hand, often showed cruelty and brutality – because of this his childhood terrified of his father.

During a quarrel with a parent, described the older brother of Michael and Marlon, Joe, holding his son upside down, slapped on the back and buttocks. Also, the children often recalled how dad liked to sneak into their rooms in scary masks. He did it on purpose, to educate the heirs of courage, but such specific methods of influence turned out to have serious psychological trauma.

Michael’s sister Janet Jackson believed that the Pope pressed on specially talented heirs to get them more money. However, despite the rudeness, Joe loved his children. After Michael’s death he has repeatedly admitted that this death heavily broke him – he became more and more often to get to the hospital.

Portal TMZ has reported where and when will the funeral of the father of Michael Jackson.

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