Father Macaulay Kalkin disowned son

Отец Маколея Калкина отрекся от сына

Recently, Macaulay Culkin announced that he completely breaks all links with the film and will now concentrate on other more interesting projects.

Desire Kalkin was for journalists DailyMail is not so significant, because they decided again to remember the name of Macaulay, though in a somewhat different context.

The publication published an interview with the father of the star of “home Alone”, where 71-year-old man disowns his son.

Kit Culkin said that no longer may be considered to be the Macaulay of his son, and all because of the fact that the relatives did not communicate for over 20 years.

The fact is that child star parents divorced in 1995. Since then, the mother of Kalkin Jeanette Krylowski did nothing to son contact with his dad. It is fair to say that from the whale’s attempts to see his son was not.

In January 2014 Keith had a heart attack, but even at the time serious illness of his children was with him.

“I could not speak and even move his arms after the attack. After that, it is difficult to recover. I just need some rest”, — the man told reporters. Despite health problems, children China is still not interested in his fate, because his old age he spends alone.

The Macaulay Culkin the statement of the father, that he is no longer his son, not commented on.

But close to the actor, the person told: “of Course, poppy was not pleased to hear such a comment from Keith. But if you take into account that they most of his life not talking, it is quite natural and not surprising”.

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