Father little daughter Kardashian decided to “pay” for his betrayal

Отец маленькой дочки Кардашьян решил «расплатиться» за свою измену
Whether diamonds to reconcile the parents of the baby?

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson

Photo: @khloekardashian Instagram

As it became
you know, the younger sister of Kim Kardashian, Khloe who recently gave birth to her
first child and daughter, hesitated whether she should accept a gift from
the father of the newborn, basketball player Tristan Thompson. The fact that Tristan
presented her custom-made jewelry gift, with which he
trying to get my friend Chloe to forget about the unfolding scandal.

We are talking about
whole set of jewels, valued at 57 thousand dollars. At
the request of Thompson, the jeweler made a kit for the Chloe consisting of
graceful necklace and bracelet, generously embellished with diamonds and a copy — a tiny bracelet for born baby. The execution of his order
Tristan commissioned the famous jeweler Lorrain Schwartz, which
not for the first time makes jewels for the Kardashian clan.

But the most remarkable
this gift is not its value, and that at the request of Thompson, all three
items were monogrammed K&T — that is, the first letters of their names (Khloe and Tristan),
together. He probably wanted to say that still hopes
to save their relationship.

just a couple of days before Chloe gave birth, a scandal erupted;
paparazzi caught Tristan when he made out with a stripper. And later
it became known and about other infidelities Thompson your friend Chloe. Although Tristan,
according to available information, are still allowed in the delivery room, the future of his
relationship with the mother of a newborn baby is still under a big question.