Отец Линдси Лохан выдвинул новые обвинения Егору Тарабасову The man said as a young man nearly killed his daughter. According to Michael Lochau, the former chosen successor, tried to strangle her. Dad famous actress revealed details about the affair Lindsay and Yegor Tarabarova.

      This summer all the fans of Lindsay Lohan was amazed. Well-known actress became a party to the scandal that arose due to the fact that she decided to break off relations with the Russian boyfriend, 23-year-old Yegor Tarasovym. Ex-lovers accuse each other of violence and theft. Several times Lindsey told reporters that the man beat her. In this whole situation at her side remained her father, Michael Lohan.

      After the scandal with Russian millionaire Lohan ran home

      The businessman had a Frank conversation with reporters one of the foreign tabloids and told that I had to worry about his successor during a romantic relationship with Yegor.

      “He used my daughter to lead a secular lifestyle. I have no idea, rich or poor, but I do know that the majority of accounts paid for Lindsay, and their joint visit was at this level due to its name,” said Lohan.

      By the way, Yegor Tarasova walked a lot of rumors. It was rumored that he lived in London and was the owner of real estate Home House Estates. That’s why he could afford to pull exorbitant amounts of money on vacation with his chosen. However, Michael Lohan says that despite this beautiful story, in the relationship of his daughter with a millionaire had a “fly in the ointment”. The father of the actress filed Tarabasanu new charges.

      “He grabbed my daughter by the arms and throat. Her friends said that after that she was covered in bruises. I thought he’d at least call me and apologize for it, but he didn’t,” said the man.

      Michael Lohan thinks that his daughter needs a man who will never raise a hand on her. The businessman believes that Lindsay will be able to be happy with a man from a different professional sphere. “I want to she settled down and found a normal guy. Someone who will do for her as much as she for him. Someone not from show business,” shared the father of the actress.