Отец Жанны Фриске попал в больницу из-за розыгрыша пранкеров

A few days ago in a live NTV pranker called Vladimir B. and on behalf of Dmitry Shepelev asked him to stop family conflict. He agreed, saying that we must do to stop the war, they are already disgraced Jeanne…

However, not everything is as good as it seems. As soon as Vladimir Borisovich learned that he wasn’t calling Shepelev, and the master telephone draw Vova, and Lexus, he became ill, and now he is in the hospital…

Today, may 25, the journalists managed to contact Vladimir Borisovich and to ask about his condition.

“It was a shamelessly cynical, inhuman! The other I can’t say. Those of prunerov I’m in the hospital now find themselves. I feel bad. All these moral trials, ” said the father of Zhanna Friske editors of the website “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. — I thought Shepelev really called me to reconcile. But it was called prankery. What can I say? I think behind all this is the lawyer Dobrovinsky. My wife unjustly accused of stealing some money. It was the money of Joan, which her mother, my wife, took, because to treat daughter had to… It’s just a nightmare. It is the destruction of our family. It’s kind of iniquity! Don’t know, can’t talk anymore, no strength”.

22 may recall, during the broadcast of the show “the call” presenters Vova, and Lexus tried to land at the negotiating table the two irreconcilable enemies. They called Dmitry and Vladimir B. on behalf of the opposite sides of the conflict.

Surprisingly, the two sides have not figured out that they played. In a candid telephone conversation Jeanne’s father Vladimir Borisovich and her husband Dmitry Shepelev said that it was ready to go to the world. Read more HERE.

The conflict between the relatives of Jeanne Friske and the father of her child Dmitry Shepelev continues with the death of the singer. The parties cannot agree on who should educate the son of singer Plato and who will go to legacy.

Earlier it was reported that Jeanne’s condition is estimated at several million rubles.

Zhanna Friske died 15 June 2015, at his parents ‘ house in Balashikha from a brain tumor at the age of 40 years. She is survived by her son Platon from the civil husband Dmitry Shepelev. Recently the boy was three years old.

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