Отец Фриске готов защищать честь семьи в суде

Vladimir Borisovich is trying to achieve from the Responde where really happened to the lost 20 million rubles.

The story with the missing money lasts for a very long time: fans of Joan gathered through Rusfond 25 011 790 rubles for her treatment. At the moment, received the expense reports 4 120 959 rubles, the remaining 20 million with little information. Rusfond stated that the funds cannot be found and the organization intends to apply to the Prosecutor. TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev, civil husband of Joan, said that the money disposed of her parents. And the parents of the singer was forced to explain.

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Vladimir Friske asked Responde to provide him with reports about the transactions of the account during the treatment of Joan in order to track where they sent the money and what amount. But the Respond refused to do so voluntarily. Most of the father of Jeanne hurt that the embezzlement suspect someone from the family. Vladimir Borisovich intends to seek from charities disclosure of all movements of money.

“We have cheques for 50 million. In Responde nothing I can say and well I can’t just come here, so I’ll give you everything. Let them sue. I don’t know where Shepelev put the money, what money he had. This requires the court. To respond I will give their checks,” said the father of Jeanne “the Radio manual”.

The situation is not the most pleasant one: for a long time, the family of Zhanna and her civil husband Dmitry Shepelev to the disposal amounts for treatment of the singer nod at each other. And anybody, apparently, does not want to be responsible for the spent.

Alas, this is not the only confusing situation that will allow the relatives of the singer. They have not divided it left a legacy. And to establish the fellowship of the son Friske and Shepelev, 2-year-old Plato, with his grandfather and grandmother, they too will sooner or later have.

Recall, June 15 has been a year since the death of Jeanne Friske. On the occasion of the tragic date, the relatives of the singer told journalists about the unknown details of her life. The unexpected confession made by the mother of the artist.

Jeanne weighed 1 kg, 380 grams and height 38 cm: she’s one of the twins. The boy did not survive and died two days later, he did not deploy the intestines. When the midwife took at the hands of Jeanne, said, “Here’s another starlet is born” – quoted Olga Kopylov edition of “Interlocutor”.

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