Father Friske acknowledged paternity Dmitry Shepelev

Отец Фриске признал отцовство Дмитрия Шепелева
People close Zhanna Friske ill draw.

Jeanne’s father

Photo: Mark Steinbock

Father Zhanna Friske — Vladimir Kopylov, for the first time publicly acknowledged that his own grandson Plato is the son of TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev, although earlier he denied this fact. However, Vladimir had no idea that his words of personal conversation with Shepelev will hear the entire country.

As it turned out, was talking to the singer’s father is not with Dimitri, but with a prankster of a new show of NTV channel “the call”. Leading the project — Vova, and Lexus, decided to intervene in the conflict of loved ones Jeanne and give them another attempt at reconciliation.

call pranker did Vladimir Kopylov, posing as Dmitri
Shepelev. In conversation the father of Jeanne recognized them shared the blame for what is happening and
expressed a desire to reconcile with his father
his grandson: “We have disgraced Jeanne… the whole world is talking about your son, I believe in it. I’m not your enemy! Let’s all stop”.

Then the media called Dmitry Shepelev from his father-in-law. In the words of the TV presenter voiced a desire to go to the world: “I am against you do not fight, I try to save my son.” But during this
the telephone conversation began to emerge new details of the dispute related to a large sum of money in the accounts of the singer. So, alas, and this time to make peace failed.

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